The Lycan King

Chapter 64. If not you, then who?


"Do you want her to come now?" I growled at Max as we walked down the stairs to the living room.

He pressed his lips together. "Fine. You were right. Bringing her there, in front of him is a bad idea," he agreed. "But then convincing him to come with me to attack the pack will be very difficult."

"I'll be sure to piss him off good. And since when do you have a problem with playing games and manipulating people?" I snapped.

"Since never." He said without any heat, making me feel like a dick.

"I have something to say that you would like to hear, brother." Max's voice turned serious. "The word is that his club in opening on thirty first December. It's going to be both—new years party and the opening celebration. I'm going to call him to my club on Christmas eve. I normally have a big party and I can say I have extra security and more people in because of that. And 'Maximilian Romanoff' would want my mate back before Christmas so twenty fourth December is the ideal date."

"Today is the eighteenth. So that gives you one week to train the Natalia," I muttered.?Fuck.

He cracked his knuckles and gave Nat a smirk. "It's going to be more than enough for me. And I'm going to have so much fun."

"Sure about this?" I asked Nat.

"More than anything in the world." There was a glint in her eye when she said that. A glint that promised vengeance and blood.

"I want you to arrange for a fully equipped house that is isolated. I don't want anyone barging because they heard some screams or smelled blood. I will also need a human slave to come in once a day with food during lunch time." Max told me.

"You will have it by tomorrow morning." I told him and with a final nod, I left them there.

I went to the dining room and Dimitri, Andrei and Mikhail stopped having their dinner. A sign of respect.

"We have a war coming soon. Andrei, I want you to start preparing all the wolves, except children under the age of eighteen and pregnant women. Everyone will train in the morning as well as in the evening." I told him.

"Yes, Alpha." He nodded.

"There are a couple of changes in the plan that we discussed in the conference room- Ava will not be coming with us. Also, Christmas eve is the day of execution."

"Mikhail, I want you to ready the abandoned cottage in the middle of the woods and equip it before dawn. I do not want anyone roaming in the woods for the next week. Max will be training Natalia there all week. No one will disturb them. After that is done, you will look after all the weapons will we need in the fight. Along with the safety arrangements."

"Yes, Alpha." He nodded.

"Dimitri, take care of the kids and prepare a strategy for the security positioning of Max's club—Club Ekstaz." I told him.

"Yes, Alpha." He nodded.

"Every night after dinner, we all will meet in the conference room and make the war strategy, effective from tomorrow." I told them.

"Yes, Alpha." They echoed.

"Continue with your dinner. April, serve a plate and bring it to my room." I told her and she nodded, hurrying to serve the plates.

I turned around walked out. I smelled Max standing somewhere in the vicinity and I knew he had heard everything but I didn't feel like staying and chatting.

my bedroom and saw Ava sitting on the side of the bed, her head lowered as she twiddled with her thumbs

stood up and

I cut her off harshly, making her

I'm mad. No, I'm beyond mad, I'm

door and Ava kept her

it was April. She came in with a plate and looked

dinner and then go to

then thought

my desk. I took out my cigars, something I hadn't done in a while. I plucked one out and walked to the balcony and leaned against the glass railing as I lit it up and took a


softly as she walked towards me. She eyed the cigar in my hand with concealed distaste

me I took a deep puff and blew the smoke in her face. She closed her eyes

Throw me off the balcony?" Low blow. I know. But right now, I

sorry." She clutched

always sorry. But you go right ahead

this time." She whispered, her eyes

another puff. But I blew the smoke in the cold, empty

were just empty promises?" I was goading her. I know it. But mean words just spewed

She hurt me.

"I meant it all the times. But

I'm not in the mood to listen to your empty promises right now." I

but I caught her by her elbow

I'm not going to be your Master only when you are happy and then have you push me around when you are

fell from her eye, followed by many

then. Punish me." She said through

she won't be able to sit until her wolf helped her heal. Till she will remember the

She whispered before she ran back

off the balcony, shifted into my wolf mid-air and ran towards the woods. My wolf was sad but he understood my anger. And he helped me run harder. He knew

woods and ended up near the shack, where Ava

to the house. Ava is the only thing that calms me down and I'm helpless when she's the one

could do. I went to my office and started working

be perfect. I won't let anyone die. I will find a way


cold bed besides me and my eyes

hadn't been here all night. Worry gripped my heart as

Nik?" I caught Irina who

lowered her head. I


When April knocked to offer some, he refused and has strictly instructed to

to her and went back to

I went in the kitchen and made him nutella pancakes which he loved, cut up a couple of fruits that he liked and then make him a steaming cup of

house seemed silent but I didn't mull

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