The Lycan King

Chapter 66. Parcel


"Ava, Love? I'm back." Nik slipped in through our bedroom door.

I almost thought he wouldn't come back tonight.

After completion of my work, I came back from the pack house and took Nik's dinner to his office. I forced him to take a fifteen minute break and have dinner with me. He told me that he still had a couple of things he needed to get done before tonight.

And that couple of things kept him in the office till mid night.

"Are you asleep?" He asked. "I'm sorry I'm late."

When he walked closer to me, I threw the cover off me and shot my hand out, pulling him on top of me. He fell on me with an 'oomph'.

I kissed him. "I've missed you," I said between kisses.

"I've missed you too." He held his weight up so I wasn't crushed beneath him.

I rolled us so I was on top of him and then I sat on his stomach. I quickly discarded my robe and placed my hands on his chest. He had a dazed look in his eyes, like he had no clue what was happening but was?very?happy.

"No clothes?" He rasped, cupping my heavy breasts with both hands.

"No clothes." I echoed in confirmation and flicked my hand, extending my claws. "You told me we wear something sexy. And I figured that?nothing?is the sexiest." I purred as I dragged the nail of my forefinger down his torso, tearing his t-shirt.

He hissed as a fine scratch was embedded on his skin- the line where my nail had grazed his skin. I scooted further down and leaned down, leaving open, wet kisses down the fine blood- line, healing it instantly with my licks.

He groaned from beneath me. The assault of my body rubbing against his dick through his pants and my kisses was driving him crazy.

He was about to flip me over but I placed my hand over his chest, right above his heart, pressing him back on the mattress. I scooted lower and gave his rock hard ab a good kiss before looking up at him. "You've been working too hard, Love. Tonight, you sit back and relax. I'll do all the work."

He bit his lip sexily and nodded without a word.

Slowly, I made my way down and kissed down the light trail of hair that was tucked away into his pants. I unbuttoned him and pulled him out. I sucked the top of him, licking away his juice, using my hand a bit before giving him a good squeeze.

His hips bucked to match my rhythm but I pushed down his hips with my other hand and looked up at him through my lashes.

"Stay still." I smirked slyly and told him to do the thing he often asked me to do.

His eyes glittered with lust and amusement but he didn't say anything more and let me do my ministrations.

This had been the first time I had taken full control and he had given it to me. I had done this a couple of times before but he always ended up taking over.

But not tonight. I wanted to show him how much I love him. And cared for him. And how grateful I am to have him.

And then I started sucking him off, massaging his balls simultaneously and then increased my speed suddenly.

He came in a a couple of minutes.

Which I think is a record. I drank a bit of him before letting go of him with a pop so the rest of his load was shot at me. Over my breasts. And my stomach.

locked my eyes with him. He was breathing hard, his jaw clenched tight and his hands were clenched into fists. His moans and groans had

with his cum and stopped right between my breasts before pushing my fingers between

my fingers out again and


pushed my fingers past his

I whispered as I hovered above him and

lips and I took my fingers out.

cupped my face with both his hands and kissed me

now." I pecked him. "Will you give it to me?" I

smiled softly and his thumb caressed my cheek

placed my hand over his chest to push myself up again. I situated myself above him and positioned him. Then slowly, I lowered myself, all

he filled me and placed his hands on my hips, helping me move. Slowly, I increased my pace and

then was ready to come. And I

as I moaned out loud. He cupped my

I cried and my movements became sloppy but

pushed my left leg over his

I cried loudly.

I screamed. Fuck.

my thigh. "Come." He gritted and came inside me

leg on the bed and leaned down, kissing me. Heat rose on my cheeks at the way he stared at

my face in

this bold Avalyn?" He bit my earlobe and

to say thank you." He kissed my mark, making me shiver. My head fell back on the bed and he rolled off me

lip in guilt, already knowing it's not okay. He thumbed my

at the back of my eyes even at the thought of something happening to him. I placed my hand over his chest, right over his heart, feeling the warmth of his flesh and hearing the sound of his heartbeat. "I need you here with me. Alive, safe and healthy. I don't care about anything else. Only you."

to me, Love. Don't you trust me?" He whispered. "Think about all those people who have suffered at his hands. We will be freeing all of them. That's your pack, Ava. That's the pack you grew up in. About seven hundred

we can win this fight. And even if we do with this plan of yours, the pack will want vengeance for their Alpha. They might attack us rogues." I trailed my hand up and cupped his face, brushing my thumb against the

daughter of their beloved Alpha Javier Alvarez and Luna Valerie Alvarez. We have Mary. We will convince them. We will show who Emilio truly was. I have it all planned out. I just need you to trust me." He pushed a lock of my hair behind my ear. "I need to do this, Ava. For you. For mom. And for every girl

say no

"I need you to promise me that you will be safe.

promise." He

that you will let me fight by your side."

"I can't do tha—"

speech. And I'm strong now. Especially with my magic. I know it. He knows

"But you will fight on

I grinned, happy that he was going to let me fight. I

"One more thing, Avalyn."

looked at him

happens again, I?will?punish


in the mirror. My brown eyes looked bright and happy. My cheeks had a healthy flush and my lips were rosy. I smiled at myself. My dimples, which Nik loved and always caressed

it gives hair a natural wavy look. And then I often started doing it. I loved it. The braid reached just above my hips. I needed a haircut. My hair was

went down to the kitchen. The men were gone, just as I had expected so it was all empty here except of

barstool at the counter.

course. Give me five minutes, Luna." She smiled and bowed her head. Now, along with cooking,

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