The Lycan King

Chapter 67. Fire


"Alpha!" A guard burst in through the door.

I growled at him. I had given strict orders that no one will disturb us.

"It's Luna." He panted, his eyes wide with alarm.

I shot out of my seat. "Where is she?" Is she hurt? Is she in trouble? What happened?

"The beach house."?Fuck.

"Goddamn—" Dimitri muttered but I was already out of the window and in my fur, running towards the beach house.

A growl tore through my throat.

Ava has been unpredictable now a days. There is no saying what is happening over there.

I heard three wolves running behind me. Dimitri, Andrei and Mikhail.

I ran harder. I need to get there quickly.

In five minutes, I reached the house. I heard a commotion at the back so without wasting more time, I rounded the house.

My legs slowed down as I saw a bloodied Max slumped against the tree.

I growled loudly as I glared inside the house. I shifted into my skin and saw a wooden stick fly out of the house, about to lodge itself in Max.

"No!" I heard Nat's blood curling scream.

I ran towards Max and caught the stick just before it touched Max.

I sighed in relief. He would have died if it had impaled through his heart, which was exactly where it was aimed.

I touched Max's shoulder and shook him awake. "You okay?"

He nodded but his eyes seem hazy and his head rolled back.

"Stay here, I'll take care of it." It wasn't like he could move anyways. I turned towards the house in fury.

Avalyn was standing at the threshold of the house and the beach in her all glory. White dress and silver hair. And her liquid blue eyes that was spitting fire at us right now.

The weather seemed to agree with her. The sky had darkened with clouds and lightening flashed in the sky, followed by a deep rumble of thunder.

Was this her doing? Did Ava do this?

The weather didn't seem to bother her at all. And behind her was Natalia. She was lying on the ground on her hands and knees, murmuring something to Ava but I

towards her but she flicked

contact with the soft soil which felt hard. I spat the sand that had entered my mouth and hissed

growled at her in

right now, Avalyn."

me from the living room. I

now. I'm so

I reached my men.

me." I said lowly, my

the braid because of the harsh winds and flowed in


towards the house together but she screamed and pushed both her hands forward,

her fucking magic on me

towards the house but then we

I. Can't. Fucking. Move.

I gritted my teeth.

my Master voice and then suddenly the lightening flashed on top of the house, blinding my eyes for a half a second. And then the fucking house

that didn't fucking stop Ava. It was almost like she

You took his side!" She spat and brought her hand up just as the thunder clapped loudly. Almost like- like the sky was agreeing with our anger. I turned around

him go." I

apparently made her more angry. She slammed him against the ground. I definitely heard a cracking sound

myself harder to fight against her magic and then suddenly,

I was free.

then again, I was thrown back with Dimitri, Andrei and Mikhail and a circle of fire

Right now! Or I swear to moon goddess that I will

did not

Natalia cried out loudly before her wolf came running

and I looked at mine in anger. I felt a burst of energy within me and suddenly,

the fire a second thought. The fire didn't bother me. I noticed that the entire roof was on

and she took a

The house was being licked at by

down in front of me. I took a step back but looked at Avalyn who brought her hand up again

his frozen state and was trying to get past the fire. But he was thrown right back into the circle before

I commanded with a growl as I turned

Liquid blue eyes that reflected the fire that was slowly enveloping

snarled in her face as I grasped her arm tightly. I felt like literally shaking some sense

tried to snatch her arm back but I only held on tighter. She glared at me. "He

was?training?her." My hold

And crying. And tied up."


I caught it with one hand and

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