The Lycan King

Chapter 70. Dinner Party


All the lights of the pack house were lit and it looked grander than ever. I heard murmurs saying 'he's here', 'Alpha's here', 'get ready'. My curiosity rose as I walked into the living room.

The lady in red caught my attention. In fact, she was the only one who had my attention. And I, her's. She gave me a dazzling pearly-white smile that made her dimples pop and I swear my heart stopped.

I took long steps to cover up the distance between us and held her hand and twirled her around herself, making her dress swoosh and then snaked my arm around her waist and dipped her as I have her a sweet? kiss.

"Wow, that was hot." I heard a girl say and then some hooting.

Grinning, I pulled Ava to her feet. "You look beautiful."

Blush rose on her cheeks as she smiled shyly at me, her big doe shaped eyes melting my heart. "Y-you too."

I heard some chuckles around us and my smile widened. "And that, kids, is how you make your lady speechless."

I looked at all the teenagers that surrounded us and gave them a wink.

"I hope my mate didn't cause too much trouble?" I joked.

"Nope. Only enough." A girl winked at Ava.

Ava grinned. "All of these fine young wolves have helped me the entire day. We have planned a party after the dinner which includes more greasy food, music and drinks which the entire pack will attend. I think we all deserve a last hooray before the big day." She said the last sentence softly.

"Excellent idea, Love." I nodded and looked at the kids. "Thank you so much for helping us. This wouldn't have been possible without your help."

Their chests puffed out and eyes shone with pride.

"Our guests are here." Mikhail announced as he entered.

"Let's go greet them." I grabbed Ava's hand and pulled her to the entrance.

Two cars and then a couple of mini buses rolled to a stop at the gates. Rhazien stepped out of the car and to my surprise, he had brought Tessa with him. Slowly, all the vampires started filling out and started making their way towards us.

"King Nikolai. Queen Avalyn." He bowed. Dimitri and Andrei, who had been tasked with bringing them in through the borders joined my side.

"Rise." I said. He stood straight with a grin. I clasped Rhazien's hand and gave him a handshake. After that, he greeted Ava with a kiss at the back of her hand.

"Pleasure to meet you again." He nodded. "If only the circumstances were better."

"You steal my words, Lord Rhazien." I said swiftly. "I welcome you all to the Rogue Pack. Please join is for dinner and a small party with the entire pack after that." I addressed everyone that had gathered behind him with a welcoming smile and then we all made our way inside.

All the high ranking vampires sat with us on the dining table and the rest were accommodated in the common eating area. The slaves did a quick job of serving everyone with their food and a glass of blood.

table was set, I stood up from my seat and raised my own glass of whiskey. "I would like to personally thank all of you for coming here and agreeing to fight for us. The Alpha of The Montana Pack, Emilio Gonzalez has never liked vampires. He first killed his own Alpha— Alpha Javier Alvarez and then strategically killed and removed all the vampires from his pack. He has violated the Vampire-Werewolf Treaty and has yet to suffer the consequences. The werewolf high council has neglected its duties. It's about time we fight for ourselves and show everyone that the balance will be

glasses and repeated with vigour. I downed my glass and so did everyone at

the first bite and then Ava did. We were followed by the

over his

who had suffered because of the Gonzalez. And these vamps needed to know that. "Why did you bring her?" I motioned towards Tessa was meekly

Kingdom and among the vampires. The tradition of slavery and keeping humans as pets is something she does not find...acceptable. I know this is

is only as strong as the weakest

live in a pack are the slaves. And this only because their Master's take their responsibility. The responsibility to take care of them and punish them when needed. Humans often have a tendency to step out of line. They do not understand our world

will work around and do chores. I

told him. "I just reunited the sisters, I did

He sighed. "I understand."

said softly. "But I propose to be your slave. Please don't send me back

don't need a slave. And


her. This woman has been against slaves since the day she

wants to leave the vampire kingdom because she

I had back at the palace in the kingdom. I would need her help to get dressed and do my makeup and hair and for my other personal needs." She nodded. I saw right through her. She was only

responsibility." She needs to know the

you agree, Tessa?"

Mistress." She

Rhazien said gratefully to both of

half outdoor. The trees in the garden were decorated with fairy lights and tables and chairs were set up here and there for people to sit. There was a buffet table on the side with lots and lots of greasy food, mostly

all, the party

is just as nice." I caught her hand before she could

She gestured towards my bare neck. "And nor do I

because you are partially blind." A group of teenage girls

you can see is power."

good lay." Said

"And money." Another added.

motioned towards her slutty

vampire who was hitting on me had gone red


your's and Luna's back, Alpha." The girls

One pointed at

was approaching Ava, his eyes fixated on her ass. He tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around with the ever present smile on her face. I couldn't

her to the dance floor.

see that Ava has made quite the impression on all

everybody at the party. She made a point to include all the kids too, who later looked up at her with reverent look. "She has a way with people. She got my friends

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