The Lycan King

Chapter 74. Big Bang


"Looks perfect, doesn't it?" I asked, as I stared at her ass and thighs through the mirror.

Talia had her front pressed to me and she turned her head around to look at her backside in the mirror. Her hand raised to touch the beautiful marks on her ass. Her finger touched it and she flinched a little before a smile formed on her face. "Perfect. Thanks," she raised on her toes to kiss my jaw.

A smirk formed on my face as I gripped her ass, feeling the hot welts and bruises and wounds under the palm of my hand. She raised on her toes and her head rolled back and a moan left her mouth, "fuck."

"Aphrodisiac," I lowered my head and buried my face in her neck, taking her scent in and trying hard to control myself.

The entirety of her ass and thighs were marked, not a single spot remained where smooth skin could be seen. Normally, after hurting her, we had sex for the next couple of hours. We were insatiable.

But we couldn't right now because this is a 'punishment'. And I couldn't have my smell all over her.

"After they leave, you're going to fuck me." She ground her hips into my groin. "I'm horny as fuck, Max."

Before I met Talia, I was a dominant and a sadist. But she isn't a submissive. Just a masochist. It was always an issue of conflict between us in the starting- it was always a competition of who would be on top. This entire mission was a blessing in disguise for both of us, it helped us understand each other on a deeper level. She understood my need to dominate and I understood her need to be independent and not be a mindless woman who did nothing but do as she was told. She wasn't a human, she was a strong she-wolf.

My respect and love for her grew after I understood her. She's a strong, fierce woman who doesn't bend to the will of a man. She's her own woman. And fuck me if that doesn't turn me on more.

And we had an understanding now. There were times when I needed to dominate and she would submit and give in, especially in the bedroom. The rest of the day, she would do her own thing?? make fun of me, prank me or annoy the fuck out of me. But she knew just how much to push me before I would have her over my knee. And most times, she crossed the limit because she wanted to be punished. It kept both of us on our toes. No one knew when the other one wanted control and no one knew who will submit. It was always a guessing game and it was fun. It kept life interesting and it was so much more better than having a full time sub.

"As you wish, Kitten." I slapped her ass and grinned when she winced. "Let's get you dressed now."

We walked into her closet and went to her slutty clothes section. She took out two outfits and showed them to me, "Sexy french maid or tortured slave?"

One was an expensive sexy french maid outfit made out of silk. It wrapped around the small of her waist and covered a small part of her breasts but a little adjustment and she would be exposed. And then it had a small skirt that ended at the top of her ass and she would flash her cunt when she walked. The tortured slave outfit was a torn black dress that, as the name suggests, puts her on display from the torn areas.

"French maid." I replied. "You'll be 'serving us', it's more apt."

Nodding, she put on the dress and I did her zip from behind. I took out her collar and put it round her neck. And leather cuffs on both her wrists but left them detached. She then did a little make up before putting on her killer heels.

"How do I look?" She flipped her hair behind her shoulder and walked towards me like she was walking down the runway.

I licked my thumb and then dragged it down her eyelashes to her cheek, smearing her mascara so it looked like she had cried. "Hot as fuck," I rasped.

She smirked, put her hand around my waist and grabbed my ass before squeezing it. "Let's get the show going." And then she turned around and walked out. My eyes fell on her perky little ass as I followed her to the living room, barely managing to not trip on the carpet or the stairs.

Exactly then, the doorbell rang.

Talia took a deep breath and got in character by losing her usual confident expression and then nodded at me. She went and opened the door.

Emilio, with three of his men walked inside my house. I gave him a wide smile, "good evening, gentlemen." He had worn a shirt and a suit jacket so I couldn't see much but I knew he was all stitched up by now. Our tracker was working swimmingly.

He gave Talia a narrowed look before looked at me and smiled, "good evening, Maximilian. This is my Beta-Bruce, my Head of Arms- Miguel and my Army General?? Luis.

I shook hands with each of them, thinking that if I kill all of them right here, right now, the entire Montana Pack will be handicapped and them taking over the pack would be so much easier. But Kol had asked me not to and I believed in him and his plan. And I know he was doing this for the greater good. And for the first time in my life, I wanted to go the right thing. I wanted to be the man Talia would be proud of. And I wasn't proud of who I used to be. But now, I wanted to be. And following Nikolai's lead would help me with that.

"This is my mate, Talia." I said.

Talia got to her knees and bowed till her forehead touched the ground, "welcome to Master's humble abode." I made a pleased sound from the back of my throat and she got up to her feet again.

"Isn't she the one who attacked you?" Bruce asked Emilio.

"Yes," I answered for him. "And has paid for it. Show them, slut." Talia turned around, showing them her marked ass and thighs.

Emilio simply grunted at her, "I need an apology."


for me." He grunted. "I want to punish

could feel his wolf cover away. What a pussy. "I have already punished her. And she has helped me tremendously in planning

pupils contracted in fear and he

at me distrustfully but I ignored him. "Let's take a seat, shall we?" I walked in and they followed.

said, "and then continue with

shrugged. "Let's go to my office then." I led them upstairs to my office. Once everyone had entered, Talia closed the door

attack plan, especially what Nikolai and I had discussed. As the plan went on, everyone's faces start getting cleared of doubts and suspicion. They

bring half our army for this, Alpha."

mind-link the rest of the pack. We cannot have that. We have to ambush them in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep! We need to catch them

Emilio agreed with

this one is the best. We attack from all four sides to kill everyone. Even if one wolf is wandering outside

of our's risky,

of your army... that's why it's not risky." I said. "They are only a hundred and fifty, wolves, more fifty or so if you add Mozog's vampires. That's still only two hundred. If we take an army bigger than them, we can easily

"If we fight when they attack, we will need arms and ammunitions. And that costs a lot of money and Mystic Lupus doesn't sell those. We will be at Adrik's wrath if we make a deal

the response and then turned

asked. "Yes, your mate was a pack member but how

the roof of his house? Or what is the strength of their army? Or that Volkov's house is a little away

with it." He agreed

He still

crossed his arms. "It seems too..." He

I placed my palms on the top of the desk and looked at him unflinchingly, showing my dominion over him. "Do you have a better plan? He is attacking in eight days.

pressed his lips

"I thought you were the Alpha, Emilio." I gritted. It's time to rile him up

shut the mind-link tight. I needed to do this my way now. The right way

to know him pretty well in our second meeting itself. He was a Beta by blood so he did everything in his power to appear like an Alpha, which he never will be. Just like any other normal wolf, he is hard wired to submit to anybody stronger than him and to show dominance on those weaker than him. He tries to over compensate to prove to everyone that he is the Alpha. And to do that, he can go to any length. Including blindly trusting some he has met twice to lead him

came in?my?club and insulted?me?and ordered?my?mate to harm?my?friend. I don't care he removed Talia from his pack. Good for me, she doesn't ask me to go there and leave me alone for a week again," I snorted. "But he did?just?this much and I'm

"No, I??"

you attacked. What kind of Alpha are you that you don't care about your?respect, your?reputation?and just sit on your ass? And then what? Will you just belly-up when he actually comes to?kill?you?" I goaded him into feeling an inferior

just??" I could see the need in his eyes to prove himself to me

"What kind of Beta are you, huh? Are you going to let your Alpha get disrespected like this? People

you are that you can't even defend your own honour! And then all of them will come for you and your

with your plan," he agreed, playing right in my hand. Now, he will do everything in his power to look like an Alpha, like

he is coming for me in eight days. That's second January. We will attack him on thirty first December and start the new


well." I nodded satisfactorily. "Let's go have dinner. I'll take out

out, followed by Luis and Miguel. Bruce stayed behind, "I don't know what you're planning but I'm watching, Maximilian," he hissed, "I'm

took it and stood up from her kneeling position. "What

Given the option, he would back out of the war and send his army to do his dirty work and eat all the fruits. But hopefully we have insulted him enough and made it personal enough for him to grace us with his presence. And I know for a fact that he is scared of me. He won't break a deal with me. I'll know for sure because of the

Bruce sabotage this. We've worked too hard

him." I gritted my teeth. I

do we do that?" A grin spread across her lips at the

smirk formed on my


the dining take and Max's perfect little slut was serving us dinner. I hadn't noticed it earlier because I was fucking pissed at her. But now I saw that the dress she had on right now was sexy. I

psycho. Especially when it comes to her. I had seen the way he killed Lionel Preston and then his sister. I had never seen anything like it. And I liked my heart in my body than in someone else's stomach so I knew it was better to stay away.

to her. She bent down to serve Bruce some rice and I could see her nice, tanned tits. I shifted my pants to adjust my boner

fighter but he was of no use to me after the war is won. His mate on the other damn. I would have her. I was in search of another slave after Avalyn anyways. I'll have my fill of Talia too. Or I could have both of them. She made me particularly attracted to her again after I got to know she was Nikolai's mate. Yes. I'll not kill

raised his glass, "I'd like

loyal friend right now. He has no idea I'm going to stab

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