The Lycan King

Chapter 81. After War Punishments


" miserable piece of leering vermin." I heard Nat hiss as I entered the dungeon.

The view that met my eyes was a pleasant one. Max and Nat were having their turn playing with Gonzalez. He was not bleeding from the lashes Dimitri and I had laid on him yesterday anymore but his body was now beautifully tattooed with dozens of welts and wounds in angry red, brown and black colour. There was also an addition to his collection of bruises, cuts and broken bones that delighted me.

Currently, Natalia had her sharp heel pressing down on his balls as he wept in pain and begged and apologised to her for looking at her the wrong way in the club and at their house. Nat didn't seem impressed with his meagre begging though.

Max, who was taking out various dildos from the bag looked up at me and grinned, "we've been waiting for you. I thought you should have the honour of taking his virginity."

Somewhere in the background, Gonzalez's screams intensified and both of us laughed at that.

"Pick your poison, brother." He motioned to the various dildos in front of us. All of them were abnormally huge in size. The difference was in the texture. Some were ribbed, some were torturously curved, some were vibrators. And I, of course, chose the one with spikes on the head.?

"Good choice." He grinned when I picked it up. "Talia." Max's word was enough for her to stop her ministrations.

"On your hands and knees, Vermin." She snapped, taking her heel off of him. And when it took him a minute, she used the thin, birchwood cane in her hand to strike his ass hard.

His hoarse scream echoed in the dungeon and he jumped to his hands and knees. His eyes were respectfully lowered and his head bowed down.

"His new name is Vermin, by the way," Nat announced and Max nodded in approval. "That's the only name he will reply to. And I've already trained him, as you can see."

"Very well." I smirked. It had been a long time since I hadn't seen the real Natalia Volkov. And now since the charade of her being a slave was over, I was sure I would be seeing a lot of badass Nat. "Bend over on the table, Vermin," I snapped.

Like an obedient slave, he crawled to the table before standing up and he bent over it and Nat did a quick job of tying him down so he couldn't move. His body was trembling, he knew what was to come. But he hadn't seen the monstrous thing in my hand. It was the size of three fourth of my forearm. I placed it on the table, right in front of his face, his eyes widened and tears quickly filled up. "No...p-please...I -I'm sor-sorry, S-sir." He begged pathetically .

I started unbuckling my pants, "let's lube this up, shall we."

A diabolical grin lit up Max's face too and he too, unbuttoned his pants.

"No!"?Vermin tried to squirm and shake his head but curtesy of Nat and her handy cane, his back met blow after blow till he was lying on the table again.

"The only word coming out of your fucking mouth should be, 'yes, Sir' or 'yes, Ma'am'." She snarled. "You won't like what I will do if you disobey me again, slave."

"Yes, Ma'am." He whimpered, his eyes squeezing shut. Nat whacked him again, "eyes on the prize." He forced his eyes to stay on the dildo in front of him. The fear in them was almost tangible.

And then, Max and I pissed on it. And we may have missed the mark a couple of times and the piss might have landed on Vermin's face too. His face twisted and he gagged multiple times but to no avail. He was tied down tightly.

Once it was done I wore my leather gloves and then picked it up and walked to his backside.

"P-please...d-don'" he was sobbing before I even started. And every time he said those words, all I could hear was Ava's begging. And then it made me more furious than I already was.

Without a warning, I pushed the spiky head against his ass. His high-pitched, pain-filled scream filled the dungeon as I worked it in, twisting and pushing. He was bleeding and clenching and squirming away. "How does it feel, huh? Having someone shove something inside you when you don't want it?" I snarled.

He kept screaming and sobbing and apologising but I hardly heard it. Adrenaline was pumping throughout my body and I could hear the gushing of my blood to my heart in my ears.

thing inside him, drawing another loud, gut wrenching scream. "How does it feel to be helpless against a force more powerful than you?" I snarled as I began pumping it

my body grew and then so did the speed of my hand. A thin veil of red anger covered my eyes as my hand moved faster and faster, pushing the dildo in and then out with a speed faster than what even I could

and sobbed. It was all music to my ears. I had awaited this day. I had awaited the day I would

in front

Ava. Smiling Ava. Shy Ava. Sad Ava. Crying Ava. Ava having a nightmare. Terrified Ava.?And then, most

is the reason she isn't truly happy. He is the

escaped from somewhere deep

out of it and the veil of anger instantly disappeared. And I saw that both Max and Nat were facing me instead of Gonzales and kneeling, their heads

Dimitri's who was at the door, looking at me in shock.?When

then my eyes laid on Gonzalez. He had passed out and his backside was a bloody mess. But I

state. But I cared that I had lost control. If I had continued further, he would've

stood up, seeming a little confused

sharper than I intended it to. I busied myself with

is back. With... guests. You are

meet me near the stage at the training field in ten." I gritted. So now he comes back.?After?we've cremated the dead. Anyhow, he

don't think??" I glared at him and that

"Yes, Alpha." He replied.

turned to a guard. "Patch him up. I'll be back


training. I caught the sight of Andrei standing below the stage, talking to

that he was holding a chain that held a man and a woman whom I

were you?" I narrowed my

went to find the reason behind the failure of Phase Two." He motioned towards the

already fucking

to flinch. He clearly

recognise, this is Naomi, a warrior of our pack."? I looked at the female and her eyes immediately lowered. The guy next

I nodded.

house. But Nelson, who is her mate, walked into that house. Naomi didn't want to kill her mate and decided to betray us, she told him he had to get out of

and managed to not spoil our plan, I would have let this slide. I know how important mates are. But she betrayed our pack by revealing our plan. And his dick of a mate, instead of thinking of

climbed up and stood next to me. Dimitri and Mikhail

the curious pack

the commotion, everyone started gathering around. Good. I didn't have to announce the gathering and them

were killed. Out of which twenty one were our pack members." I stated the facts. "This happened because of these two

But she found out that she was his mate," I told everyone. "I did not expect you to kill your mate, but I also did not expect you to betray our pack by telling him that we knew they were going to attack." Naomi shrank under everyone's glares. "Nelson, the loyal pack member that he is, told his group and it was because of that, that the plan back fired and so today many of our friends and family are dead. All of this would have been avoided if you would have either just ran away with him, or simply not told him

in her own. She knew what

of The Rogue Pack and the King

I guess Naomi

Phase successfully, which resulted in the death of eight of our wolves before they even made it to Phase Four." It fucking angered me that so many wolves lost their lives because of such a silly mistake. Death is common in war and that isn't

to help them out, leaving Dimitri and his team of only fifty weak in front of an enemy of seventy five, causing a death of five wolves before Avalyn and I could arrive and help them out."

I not ask you to choose your own team? And tell me what was your reply." I asked, keeping voice devoid of all emotion. Just

firm. "You asked me if I could do

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