The Lycan King

Chapter 82. Helicopters and Rocks


"Sometimes, Nikolai, you shock me with just how cruel you can be."

"I'm going to see Andrei because unlike you, I actually consider him my brother and love him like one. And don't worry, I won't heal him, I wouldn't want to give you an opportunity to whip me too."

"She'll come around." Natalia patted my shoulder. I snapped out of my thoughts and realised almost everyone were already gone. "She just doesn't understand the workings of our pack entirely."

I sighed. "I know. It's just?? I've never seen her that pissed. Not even the day when she saw us in the office."

"That's because deep down she knew there was more to the story than what she saw. And right now, she knows the entire story and then saw what happened. She just needs time to cool down." She shrugged. "Let's go, I'm missing Vermin."

I smirked. "Let's go take our frustrations out on him." This was going to be so much fun.? Much better than going on a run to let my frustrations out.

The both of us made our way back to the house in silence. The only thing going on in my mind was Ava. She's upset. But I'm sure she just needs time. She's been doing so good recently, she understands our world so much better now. And she'll soon see why I had to punish Andrei too. I'm sure of it.

"Max is calling us." Nat said when we entered the mansion. The tone said that it is something important.

"Where is he?"

"My office." She replied and I quickly climbed up the steps and entered Nat's office that she used when she is here.

Max was hunched over the desk, drawing something.

"One of my contacts said that the news that Emilio is dead had spread throughout the pack. Emmanuel has taken the Alpha position again. And young wolves think that he is too old. They are planning to challenge him for a duel to death to fight for the title of Alpha. But he's not that old and the chances of them winning are sparse." A wolf is in his prime for at least two centuries, only after that the age starts showing.

"We cannot take the chance," I murmured. He's not a true Alpha, he's not?that? much stronger than the rest of the wolves. If the opponent wolf is actually?really?good, he might win.

"Exactly. They are planning to challenge him today. We have to reach there before the fight if we want Emmanuel alive." Max said.


"If they have a decent head on top of their shoulders, they will do it during the day time because the presence of the moon strengthens us. And Emmanuel will grow much more stronger than the others considering he is the beta." I whispered.

"It's twelve right now. How long will it take us to reach there?"

"Six hours. We will have to fight against the patrol. That will take up more time. Bringing more people would mean it will take more time. But we will need numbers if we don't want them to attack us on sight." I replied but then an idea clicked in my head. "But we have their Alpha. Since Emilio is alive, what he says, will go. And we have Avalyn. And Mary."

A grin formed on Max's face. "I'll call her and tell her to get there right as soon as possible. I'll say it's an emergency. But we will still need to leave right away, I need Emmanuel alive." He cracked his knuckles.

A smirk formed on my face. "We will gave fun torturing the father- son duo. My head is already buzzing with ideas."

I told Tessa and April to pack clothes and weapons for Ava and I in separate bags for cold weather before I ran all the way to the hospital. Max and I had discussed everything while Natalia went to prepare and get Vermin.

Max had a friend who could sneak us in. But we had to go to Montana Pack through a helicopter and then cover some distance in foot. And I only have one helicopter on stand by right now. So the only ones going were Ava, Max, Natalia, Vermin and I. We would pick up Mary on the way.

The hospital in the pack was a three flood building which has the basic and werewolf and vampire specific treatments that happen. Anything other than that, we had to go to Greenwich. It had a good hospital with good doctors. And a couple of doctors knew about us and we pay them well enough to keep our race's existence a secret and be discrete.

"Where is Avalyn?" I asked the receptionist.

her legs brought up to her chest and her arms circling it as she cried, resting her face

have left her alone. But I'm thankful I went back to the house or else a lot more time would

sobbed harder but didn't uncover

bringing her closer to me. "Look at me Ava. We need to leave. I wouldn't call you with me right now if it wasn't important."

are Dimitri and Mikhail?" Did they just leave

a bit. I knew

a short trip. Please come with me." I kissed the side of her

want to go anywhere, Nikolai." Ava snapped, pushing against my chest and backing up from me. It pissed me off. Her eyes, nose and lips were red from crying. "I'm going to stay here till Andrei wakes up. Because unlike you, I

glared at the infuriating woman in front of me. "The doctors have given him medicine which made him sleep. He is not dying. And he will

my hand and back to my eyes before looking out through the glass at a

this. I grabbed her hand in mine and pulled her off

in my face, "I don't want to

it hurt. I would?never?do that to her. I know many people called each other names jokingly. Nat called Max asshole on the regular. But in our relationship, we had a few unspoken rules. And name calling was the biggest no-go. I know it was a trigger for her for sure. And no

see my desperation? Doesn't she see how

She never understands me.

and then she opened her mouth to give some lame and useless excuse and apology. But I didn't wait for that. I had already shifted into my wolf, and was far, far away from her

back of my mind. My mother needs me. I need to avenge her. I need to be the one to kill the man who kept her captive. I will never be able to forgive myself if

the mansion and shifted to my skin, annoyed that I would have to waste more

ran to my bedroom and threw on another pair

is mine?" Is

my bags. "What

Nat were already seating and buckled in the helicopter, Vermin in between them. I threw my bags inside before I got in the cockpit. I buckled myself, wore my headset

were airborne

that we will be reaching in forty minutes. Nat, mail Ethan Lesley and tell him to have Mary escorted

to the main city. Our six hour journey by road will cut down to three hour journey. But then we do have to

minutes, as promised, I landed the copter on the helipad on the terrace of the office. Mary was standing there in

you." She nodded at the man who later receded

me what is going on now?" She asked

first." I said before I buckled her in properly and passed her a headset. She narrowed her eyes at me before she wore it. I guess she still isn't a huge fan

took off again and I rode the helicopter in the direction of

this?" She crinkled her

instantly replied. "Better known as Emilio Gonzalez."

widened. "I haven't seen him

would have found out Avalyn is alive." I snorted.

I will regret for the rest of my life." She said, clearly offended

Grandma. Thanks." Max

say thanks? Come home and say it over a cup of tea." She sniffed. "You

Promise." Max replied, making

sure you will." She grinned and settled in her seat further. "Now

didn't want come to

She was supposed to take it. It's her

for her." I replied. "This pack was never her's. All these people did was abuse her and add on to her torture."

are good people in

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