The Lycan King

Chapter 83. Montana Pack


"Where does the cave open up?" Nat asked Max's friend?? Symon.

"At the other end of this mountain. Then there is another mountain we have to cross, after which we will reach the pack." He replied.

"Are you a smuggler?" I asked. This is going to be my pack. I need to know.

Symon looked at me, his eyes judging. I held his eyes.

"After the death of Alpha Javier, Emmanuel took over. He shut down the import and export outside of the pack and kept relations with only Mystic Lupus Pack. We all know how that pack his." He said with venom. I nodded. Adrik was the worst Alpha in the history of all supernatural leaders. He treated his pack like shit and rationed everyone's food for some reason, all the while eating like a king every fucking day.

"The taxes increased and then came a time when people could not afford bread. Beer was cheaper than water. When Emilio took over, we all revolted so they eased a little on the rules but the pack is still a mess. We all do what we have to do to survive. You out of all must know that, Alpha Nikolai." Looks like I won't have to do much to worsen the condition of these fuckers.

"I do." I replied.

I saw Mary lower her eyes in shame.

"Who is she?" He jabbed his finger towards Mary.

"Mary." I replied. "Alpha Javier's mother in law."

Symon's jaw clenched but he did not say anything more than that.

We silently made our way through the dark cave. I would kick Vermin in the ass whenever his speed would decrease. We could not afford to be late. Symon was leading us, Vermin and I after him, then Nat, then Mary and Max was at the rear. The cave was narrow enough that we had to walk in a single line. The cave had many twist and turns and many more crossways leading to goddess knows where.

In a total of twenty minutes, we made it to the other side of the tunnel. Symon pulled a rock on one side and the wall in front of us shifted, revealing a beautiful set of mountain ranges. There were three colours that dominated the view. Green, brown and white. None of the human bullshit. But since it was winter, most of it was covered with snow. And I knew that during the summer, a lot of snow would melt, a few rivers would for?? I saw a few that frozen and covered with snow. And I'm sure there was plenty of food?? elks, yak, deer, and of course, along with snow leopards and mountain lions. The rivers would have a lot of fish because the water was pure so there would be lots of bears too.

I had to admit, that despite the ugliness Ava had to face here, Montana was a beautiful pack. I liked the land. I liked the mountains. I liked the pollution free air. I liked the human- free vibe.

"We can travel in fur for the rest of the way." Symon told us.

"You try to escape and I will make you even more miserable than you are, Vermin." I loosened his collar so it would stay on even when he would shift into his wolf and then handed the leash to Max.

"Shift." I ordered and in an instant, Vermin shifted into his dirty blond wolf. His wolf was missing hair from the entirety of its back, showing pink skin and the fur on too of his head was missing too, but it showed ugly mangled skin, a lot like he now had when he was in human skin.

"Nice work." Symon commented kicking him in the ribs, making Vermin whimper and then shifted into his light brown wolf.

"Thanks." I smirked before I shifted into my mid- night blue wolf. Natalia shifted too and Mary climbed on her back.

Symon took the lead and we followed after him, running through the slippery trails of the mountains without being caught. We were moving right under the noses of the parole without even anyone knowing. What a stupid ass pack. It was working out well for me though.

The mountain we had to cross was too dangerous to cross during this time of the year because of the extra slippery trails and the fear of landslides so we were going to go around it, which would add more time. Also, since we weren't used to running in the snow, it slowed us quite a bit.

But without a single complaint, we continued making our way through the pack, the only sounds we heard were our pants, heartbeats and the occasional sound of the leather meeting skin?? which was Max smacking Vermin with the leash whenever he would slow down.

We slowed down when we reached a river. We all paused to drink some water. I don't think I have ever drank better tasting or fresher water than this. After the short break, we entered the cold river and swam our way to the opposite side. Nat with more difficultly because she had Mary on her back, but the strong wolf that she was, she did it without complaint and as quickly as she could.

We shook the cold ass water off our fur before continuing on our way. We took a turn around the mountain range and then Symon slowed down before coming to a stop.

I looked at the sight in front of me.

We were surrounded on all four sides by mountains. The mountains created a valley in the middle where the pack was situated. There was a lake in the middle, probably where the water from the Lycan river was collected before it went down the mountain again.

The pack was situated around the lake and along the foothills of the mountains as well. It sun was about to set and the yellow lights were turned on in every cottage, making the whole town look beautiful.

It was foggy at the peak of mountain but I could clearly see the Soare-Luna mountain?? which was the tallest mountain on Jivan. Soare-Luna meant Sun-Moon mountains because it was said to be the land of both Sun worshippers that is vampires and Moon worshippers, that is werewolves. It is said to be the home of God Sol and Goddess Luna. And the Lycan river originates at the top of the mountain. But for some reason, no one has ever reached the top. I imagined that it must be beautiful at the top too, one would be able to see the entire mountain.

I had always imagined Montana to be dark and gloomy and dirty. But my opinion was biased because I frankly hated this pack.

And it's not that this even this beauty will be able to change my views about the people here. I still hate the pack just as much.

I'm going to burn this place to the ground. And all the people who contributed to Ava's torture with it.

Consequences be damned.

We climbed down the mountain in thirty minutes and it took another ten minutes for us to make it to the pack.

Most of the town was empty and I suspected that it was because the wolves were at the pack house to see the fight. Symon stopped in front of a cottage and shifted to his skin.

"We need to go there in skin. Seeing rogues in wolf form will make it seem that you are here to attack us. If you are in human form, you can convince them that you are just here to talk." He said. All of us shifted to our skin and entered the cottage.

had worn all the way and wore our clothes. I decided to still leave Vermin naked. As a precaution, I hid loaded guns in my jeans along with daggers. We had injected enough wolfsbane into Vermin's system that his wolf would cut ties with everyone to save extra energy but still survive. Then

house where the fight was going to take place. We walked through a trail that was less traveled so that people would be unaware of our presence till we actually

are you doing this?" I

wolf. Why would he help rogues enter his pack? Specially those who

We have suffered under shitty Alphas for over a decade. Max believes you are a good Alpha and that you would changes things for the better. The pack needs a good, true blooded Alpha. And from what I've seen, I like you too." He held my

his hand to loose balance and he

the rear end of the pack house. It opened up to the training ground. In the middle of which, two young wolves fought in a ring made out of chalk whilst the entire pack cheered. Around the ring, four wooden boards were put up where

legs were propped up on the back of a naked, shivering slave who was on his fours. There was a

clothes. And he was

have kept mom and Ava unclothed too. Red, searing anger spiked inside me at the thought. The sky seemed to agree with me because the

Symon murmured,

I saw him. I can't wait

windows on the second floor of the pack house. I saw a

I said and

had a very faint smell while we had a strong one. And it was

realised that Emmanuel

like he has any intentions to fight at

shadows from all the windows drop

body of the wolf being dragged to side by four slaves. The one who won was making rounds around the ring, holding the head of the wolf between his teeth, riling

enjoying the show. They were all rotten and vile down to their core. And they had

his skin, picked up the head of the wolf and walked up to the board and grabbed nail and hammer from a slave and hammered the head to the

response, Emmanuel only raised the glass of wine that he was drinking

encourages it?"

was convenient for him. The wolves who had the interest to become the Alpha will reveal themselves, fight to death until one remains. And then his snipers would kill him too. And then all the competition is dead. "He has an entire

was building up. But the clouds growled for me in the form of another lightening

him, how

the pack or if it's a female." And then his voice turned angry, "the female on his lap is Lyra, the little sister of one of my friends. She's only fifteen. All she did was go out for a run, lost the track of

What. The. Fuck.

not how a pack should work.

the members of the

who dares to contend against me to become

word. They

Max's voice rang in

sneaked past the people and walked by the pack house to the

of feet away from me, looking like

nodded at me.?All clear.?I

and took out the silver hand cuffs with her gloved

at Max and pointed towards Emmanuel' right, motioning him to take out the guard at his right at which he nodded. I'll take the left. He was so sure of his plan, so sure of himself, he thought

throat of the guards on either sides of Emmanuel, caught his arms and twisted it behind his back where Nat cuffed

causing everyone's attention to turn towards

the girl

grabbed Emmanuel from the back of his neck and pulled him to the side, holding

The pack

against their wishes, everyone fell to their knees and glared at

Alpha command so easily. Especially when I wasn't technically their Alpha yet. But I knew I won't be able to hold

are you?" The wolf who was kneeling in the


was my pack that they had attacked and lost. I waited till more people started coming in. The the entire ground in front of me was almost full. Even though we had killed two fifty wolves, a lot were still alive. A hell lot more than two fifty. We had thought that there were only five

I wasn't going to show my apprehension. My face remained cold. As long as they were

in." I snapped my finger and Symon brought Vermin in and handed

ordered and he immediately kneeled. I tore

this? Why are you all here?"



Son?" Emmanuel's

Vermin did not move.

name he responds to is Vermin." I heard a few snickers. "And the only voice he can hear is mine, his owner's. Say 'hello' to

the podium. I yanked his leash back, making him choke and

at the

make a move but Max held him

me, bloodsucker. Right now!"

of his face, making him

slowly and hesitantly, Mary walked to

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