The Lycan King

Chapter 90. Waterfall


When I woke up next morning, Nik was already gone. But then it was nine in the morning. This was by far the most I've slept in a while.

I got out of bed and stretched my limbs, a huge smile gracing my features. Last night was... last night was hands down one of our most memorable nights.

I went the washroom and took a quick warm shower, soothing my sore muscles. Life is good.

When I stepped out, I saw Tessa in the room and a pile of clothes in her hand. "For you, Mistress."?

"Thank you, Tessa." I grinned. I was in a very good mood this morning.

"You're very welcome, Mistress. I'll go make your breakfast. Do you need anything?" She looked very worried.

"Why are you so worried?" I took off my bathrobe and started wearing the clothes she had got me.

"I was very scared for you last night, Mistress." Deep concern was etched on your features. "I don't ever want you to have to go through pain. Especially under the hands of the man you love so much." She whispered the last part.


"You were screaming so much last night." She whispered, her hand over her heart. "Does Alpha Nikolai really punish you? I thought that only happens between Masters and slaves."

I clutched her hands in mine and squeezed lightly. "Let me assure you that everything that happened last night was amazing. And the screams that must have scared you were of pleasure. Of extreme, outer-worldly??" I stopped myself from saying too much. "You?know?Nik would?never?hurt me."

She let out a breath of relief. "I know, Mistress. He loves you very much. Anyone with or without eyes can see that. But I just got scared."

"The last thing you need to do is worry about me, especially when I'm with Nik. And I can take care of myself. Mostly." I added when I realised that Nik would be the first one to argue about it. And then I grinned at her. "Go make me breakfast." I swatted her behind playfully. "I'll have egg toasts and bacon."

She jumped, her eyes wide and a blush rose on her cheeks. "Yes, Mistress." And then she ran out of there.

I let out a chuckle. She still needed to get out of her shell.

I combed my hair and I decided that I loved the waves that were created because I braided it when my hair was wet.

When I finally went downstairs, I took a seat at the small dining table beside the kitchen and watched Tessa cook quickly and efficiently.

The door swung open and Max stepped in with a devious grin. "I smell food." He picked up an apple while Tessa was still preparing our breakfast.

"So...last night." Max said with the biggest smirk om his face.

"Shut up." A blush rose on my cheek. I mean I know we were loud??okay, I was loud, judging by Tessa's reaction. But I wasn't?that?loud. And while his cottage was the closest one to our's, it was still a considerable distance away.

Nikolai had taken the handcuffs from Max. Bad idea. Max never failed on giving shit to other people just for the fun of it. And it wasn't much later when I realised that you should never really take him seriously. All you would be is greatly offended or annoyed.

"That's not what you were doing last night. I distinctly heard some screams." His eyes twinkled.

"What?" Was I really that loud? Now I know why our bedroom back in Silverwitch Bay was soundproof. In fact, all the bedrooms there were soundproof.

"Don't worry. I was a gentleman. I made Talia scream loud enough to drown your's. So, you know, we wouldn't hear you two." He picked up an egg toast from the plate Tessa just placed in front of me.

I could feel the heat flowing in my cheeks. "Can you not?" I whined.

"So you?wanted?us to hear you?" I hope he chokes on that toast.

"No! That's not what I meant!" I covered my face. "You know what? Shut up!" And then I stuffed my mouth with the toast so I was saved from speaking and making a bigger fool of myself.

"Never." He grinned another wide grin.

I kicked his leg under the table and pulled my legs up on the seat. I folded my legs and gave him an angelic grin.

And then suddenly my chair rocked and then I felt the time slow down and my eyes bulged when the chair tipped over and I fell backwards.

For a second, silence reigned and I kept staring at the ceiling, before we both registered what just happened.

He freaking kicked my chair!

And then came his unabashed, booming laughter.

I jumped off the chair and lunged on him. "You- you hairless monkey!" I started punching him and he cracked up again, not in the least affected by my attacks.

"Hairless monkey?" He choked on his laughter. "Best thing I've heard in a while." He wheezed.

I was about to slap his chest but he caught my hand.

That's when the door opened.

"Babe! Avalyn is abusing me!" Max whined.

Max is harassing

shook her head, tired of us already.

both said together and then high- fived each other, laughing

last night." I grinned. She was

took a bottle of water out of

again. He was laughing way to

going to kill you."

going to kill whom?" Nik swung open the door and stepped in along with Dimitri

them, along with Nat had come from

going to kill Max." Nat said flatly and

feeling the love, Talia." Max

amusing that you waste so much of your energy when you can simply shut his trap, Love." Nik popped a kiss on my forehead before he grabbed three bottles of water, tossing one to Dimitri

gave Max a shit eating grin. He glared

he will zip his lips and then he loved me and then begged me. Getting tired

a fish bit him on his tongue. He couldn't eat or talk

didn't happen!" Nik whacked Max over his

"Best four

then both the men got

sighed and settled on the table,

his shoulder. "I think you need a reminder." And then slapped her ass as he made a move towards the door. "And we'll make

That smug monkey!

The water he had just drank sprayed out of his mouth. He started coughing before Dimitri thumped his back and he coughed a couple of times himself too??which sounded a lot like

-I, um...he...uhh." I shut my mouth and covered my face

information I could live without." He muttered before

"Handcuffs?" Dimitri grinned.

too." I groaned. I've

thinking about it a great deal and then

threw a bottle at his

amount of ignorance and disrespect a

from anyone again."

complaining last

no idea how much Max tortured me today." I whined and we both sat

about I make it up to

again?" I asked. I actually really liked being tied


think your mind is in the gutter, Love." Nik's eyes glowed at

I was looking for but fine." I said

moment we stepped out of our cottage and Nik and I ran through the trails.

surrounded the valley and then we were racing up the the tallest mountain that stood in the middle of the entire pack. I quickly got tired.

an old story-tale that was affiliated with this mountain. Papa had told me about it once when I had asked him if I could climb the tallest

paws. He turned to to yip at me

everything okay?'

But I don't think we should

'Why?' He demanded.

head turned towards our left and all the breath

a couple of mountains to get here but we were on a higher land and at an angle from where we could see the faint, rare house here and there that were big enough to be visible from here. And behind the mountains, I could see the vast spread of flat lands. I could make out the area that was

I could see the blueness of the ocean.

it. Not even in the movies. I could swear that this is the

shifted to his skin. So

of this mountain is going


you a palace better and grander

nod, actually realising where he

told me with a distant look in his eyes. "I

was why he was

instead of taking advantage of it, it is situated in a valley. So when it is attacked, the enemies will have top ground and we will be trapped in the middle." He picked up a stick and started drawing on the

mountain we are on right now." He drew an upside down 'v' to depict

of our supernatural island as well.?Exactly?in the centre, Avalyn." And then he traced a large

made another circle which touched the circle of Montana pack and the west coast. "And this is the Rogue

Rogue Pack, "this is Verdura Pack," he said with venom in his voice. "And these," he made two more circles to the south west and south of Montana Pack, "are Wintercrown

remaining part which consisted of almost fifty percent of the island, "is Mystic Lupus." A hiss left

our border??almost fifty percent with our enemy. And from the

taking over the pack as well." He informed me. It

plan on taking them too?" It made me excited. The fact that

on it. But I will if they create problems for me." He

down at the map. I don't want to shed blood where it is

my hand and then rubbed his feet over the map, making it look like there was nothing here and then pulled

can choose another

asked me, not stopping for a

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