The Lycan King

Chapter 91. Home


"Are you sure you want to keep going ahead?" Ava asked wearily.

After the... incident earlier, we decided it was the best for us to stay together and walk carefully instead of running or jogging.

"Very." I replied, gripping her soft hand tighter.

"Whatever is up there, it doesn't want us there." Her sides brushed mine. I'm enjoying keeping her on this short leash.

"Well too bad because that is my land." I replied. "And if whatever is up there doesn't want us there, that means there is something important there that needs protection." I looked straight ahead and kept a steady pace, determined to go to the top. "And I intend to find out what that is."

"But what if we are better off keeping things the way they are? I'm not sure if I like this Nikolai. This place is giving me weird vibes." She stepped closer to me.

"My instincts tell me that I need to go up. They have been telling me that for a while." I told her the truth. "If you are not comfortable, I can drop you back." But I really want her to be with me.

"No. I'll come." She sighed softly.

"Thank you." I squeezed her hand and we continued walking forward.

After a couple of miles, we reached the bank of a river. We have to cross it to move ahead but the current is too fast to swim or walk through it.

It's not safe.

Also, the odd this I noticed about the river was that there was not a single fish inside it.

There can only be one reason for it but I need to be absolutely sure.

I flicked out my claw and made a cut in the middle of the palm and squeezed a couple of blood drops in the river.

"What are you doing?" Ava asked me.

"Checking something." I replied and just as I had thought, a couple of seconds later, a lot of fishes appeared near the bank?? piranhas.

"They will eat us if we fall in the water, won't they?" Ava asked.

I gave her a sharp nod.

"How will we go ahead?" She asked.

"Let me think." I replied and observed the area.

"Can you throw me to the other side, then exchange our places and then flick me to that side again?" That way, she will be out of danger.

"It's too dangerous, Nikolai. I don't want to do it. One mistake and you are dead." She shook her head firmly. "And this river is too wide for me to experiment with your life."

I knew she would not agree but I hoped.

"Can you make us fly in the air?" I asked her softly.

"I don't know. Let me try." She closed her eyes and then slowly but steadily we rose in the air and then moved in a circle above the land itself.

Ava is magic.

We slowly landed again and Ava opened her eyes. "I think I can do it." She nodded.

pecked her lips and she

in hers and close her eyes again.

replied, we rose in the air again and began moving towards the river and slowly

higher, Love." The piranhas can jump. But we should be fine until we aren't

we flew about two feet over the

present on her

are doing very good, Love." I praised. We had covered more than half of the

saw a drop of blood fall down her nose. I caught it before it fell in the

is her

and now I'm

you okay?" I

didn't answer but her frown god deeper, like she was concentrating very

that she is using a lot of her powers and it's taking a

a hundred

her hand tighter, hoping

and she kept looking at me. When we finally reached the bank, she lowered us to the ground gently and let out a deep, tired

blood above her lips with my thumb. Both our eyes fell on

the first time this

happened when I was getting you all out

tell me?"

think it was that big of a deal."

a deal?" I snapped. "It's related to you. Of course

shout at me all you want later. I'm too tired to listen right now. I feet

arms. "I'm not going to let this go, Avalyn. We don't hide things from each other." She nodded against my chest. "But right now, I think you should rest." I picked her up in my

my neck and shoulder and her eyes

me to jump or duck so Ava could get in

and a half, I started getting thirsty and a bit hungry. But I don't trust this mountain enough to eat any berries or

of snow leopards, her seeing an illusion that there is land ahead

place on Earth where piranhas live is in South America??

realised that something was wrong with the

the walk, I came across

is there a hut here? In

who the hell lives here?

were still many, many miles away from the peak, a hut being here

a hut here?" Ava asked. About an half an hour ago, she had woken up

rest and I can easily carry

a fair point??that I need my hand free so it will be easier for me to climb. So I simply shifted her

I saw and walked towards the hut. "Stay behind me."

It was pitch black.

with enhanced vision, I could

Nothing at all.

immediately made me

this is not possible at all. I should at least be able to

a black hole in the hut. And with the way this mountain has proven to be nothing but a series of unnatural events, I'm a hundred percent sure

solid about my decision to build a palace in the top if this

itself will be a huge difficultly for people

will stand with

asked, peering

nothing. Absolutely nothing." I

to be

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