The Lycan King

Chapter 92. Lady


A deep pit formed in my belly the moment we stepped in.

I was watching my step when I entered so I saw a line of green grass pass from under my feet and extend and starter covering the large expanse of void in front of us.

A gasp left my mouth when I saw acres and acres of land in front of us, covered in neatly trimmed, lively green grass. And on that grass were well groomed and maintained beautiful gardens, covering the entire land. The cold weather changed and the gloomy weather dispersed. It was almost as if it was spring. How is this possible? The temperature didn't feel like it was freezing negative something Celsius but almost as if it was twenty degrees.

My heart thudded.

Is this real?

Or am I imagining this?

Nik and I continued walking forward and then again, a line slipped from beneath our feet and a white cobble stoned path followed the line and created a straight path for us, from the middle of the gardens, up to the top of the mountain. Small stems erupted from the ground on either side of the path, formed into plants first and then continued growing taller and taller to turn into beautiful green, lush trees, creating a canopy around us. And then more trees of different kind started ground around the garden. Flowery plants and bushes grew, ponds formed out of nowhere. It looked well if it had come straight out a fairy-tale.

The sun was at the horizon. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue, purple, pink and a deep orange and yellow around where the sun was setting. The clouds moved at a slow pace, taking their time, almost as if they stopped to stare and marvel at the sight that was being created in front of them.

Birds chirped as they flew back to their nests. I saw a bird settle on the edge of the fountain that suddenly appeared in the middle of the garden that was towards our right and then it drank some water.

A very similar fountain was in the middle of garden which was towards our right too.

Is this some sort of magical land? Am I imagining all of this?

But it feels so real!

As we walked forward over the white cobble stone?? which now that I noticed is actually marble, I could see a small figure perched at the top of the mountain. I couldn't make out what it was.

As we made our way there, the world around us came to life?? more fountains with sparking water shooting out of them, beautiful trees, plants with flowers like rose, lilies, peonies, morning glories and many that I didn't even recognise were in full bloom.

My feet stopped when the figure at the top of the mountain grew clearer.

It was a palace. An enormously colossal palace with cylindrical columns supporting the huge figure and different arches.

And it only grew larger as the distance between us and the palace lessened.

It was an all white palace in pristine condition.

But what bewitched me was that it wasn't just any palace. It was the exact same palace that I had imagined.

Exactly same, down to the intricate carvings that was etched on the walls of the entire palace.

"Nikolai..." A mesmerised whisper left my mouth.

"Be on your guard, Avalyn." His voice snapped me out of my daze. "You cannot trust this place. We must find the person who is creating this??" He stopped.

"This whole palace. Which is exactly the same as I imagined." He nodded at my words.

"The gardens were exactly as I imagined." He said lowly. "Down to every blooming flower. To test it out, I imagined birds drinking water from the fountain and the birds came to life." He hissed. "What kind of magic is this? Do you realise the amount of power this man has if he has the power to bring thoughts of others to life?"

And that's when dread slithered into my heart.

I had been to busy admiring our surroundings that I forgot reality.

This does not happen in real life.

When we finally reached the palace, large closed doors greeted us. Intricate circular patterns were delicately carved over it.

This was something that I had not imagined.

And then the doors moved and Nik's grip on my hand tightened.

The doors opened and a woman in white slipped out before the doors shut again.

The woman?? she was the woman who I saw in my dreams.

woman with silver hair and peaceful blue


you?" Nik

body relaxed. Much like when his body relaxes after I give him

the both of us. "It's

asked. His body may be relaxed


know in due time, Nikolai." She gave him another warm smile but her eyes teared up. "It's been so

Who is she?

was trying

responded was with


you." I smiled. She had told me that I needed to

war came and I made

She said and a frown etched on

she Avalyn?" Nikolai tightened

of realisation hit his eyes. "She was the one who told me

She smiled at that.

am her, Nikolai." The

not look like he

you two to remain safe. For that, I gift you my home." She motioned towards


Her home?

mountain was the home of Goddess Luna


to Nikolai. "Exactly as you wanted. Think about it and it will come to life. You have time until the moon sets and the sun rises. Make most of it." She said, and then a

her hands towards both of us and instinctively, my arm rose and I placed my hand

of you need to grow into yourselves. Avalyn, you're almost there. Nikolai, you have a long way to go, you just need to stay strong. Surround yourself with your loved ones and no matter what happens, don't give up hope. There is always light after darkness," and then she specifically looked at me, "until then, brighten the darkness." And then she looked at Nik, "she shines because of you, don't turn away from her." And then she

felt like she was giving us a cryptic message that we needed to

or pack?" She

us said

with his thunderstorm grey eyes and my dark brown hair. I can never have


A shot of spark jolt through me and then

the middle of our palms. Red blood flowed out of Nik's cut but sparkling gold

heard Nik's

his hand which was held by

a the sight of

your palms on the door." She told us and again, instinctively, without question,

Nik placed his palm on the right one??circular designs near

my hand and passed through the carvings of the entire door, making it look like the

the different coloured blood slipped into each other's side of the doors and the carvings

uneven surface of the door, which was because of the carvings, evened out as the blood filled

silver light so brightly that I

I opened them again, the gold and red blood was spreading through

I took a couple

And it didn't look like blood at all. It looked like hundreds of skilled workers had plated the carvings with ruby


It was?so?beautiful.

even more beautiful that what I had

unwanted people." The lady said softly. "This is all the state of the art security system you will ever

said those exact words

looked at Nik. "But I know you feel it. I know

Feel what?

Nik nodded.

the mate of the man


before her expression turned serious. "But for now, it's time to prepare. He will

like that, in the blink

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