The Lycan's Queen

The Lycan's Queen

Authors: Laila
Genres:Werewolf/VampireNovelFlash marriage
Num Chapters:42
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Chapter 42

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The world in the novel "The Lycan's Queen" is a world where werewolves and humans live in harmony. And Adonis Dimitri Gray is the current and strongest King in the kingdom. But even so he still has no life partner, and this is slowly jeopardizing his position. Just in danger, he met Aarya Bedi, a 19-year-old werewolf, at the Lycan Ball festival. After her heart is broken, the last thing she wants to find is her life partner, but fate has placed her in the position of queen. Now, the fiery couple must navigate the treacherous world of imperial conspiracies while facing rejected exes, jealous underlings, and more.
Will she manage to be the Queen the kingdom needs or will she be brought down?


Cover: Beautiful
My Rating: 78/100
Overall: Nice
Page Turner: Kinda
Recommend: Mature readers recommended

COMMENTS: I'm torn because I wanted to really like this, but unfortunately, I don't think this book was able to deliver. There were so many unanswered questions! The simplest of those being, what do Adonis and Aarya even look like? I barely got any physical descriptions of these two characters, it was hard to imagine what they'd look like. We got an idea of who Aarya is as a character simply because the story was told from her perspective, but we literally have no idea about Adonis. We got somewhat of an idea of who he is as a mate, but what he had to struggle through for 10 years ruling without a mate or what he personally was going through throughout this entire book, we don't have a clue. And that left the story lacking a little. Also, what in the world happened to Niya and how did she find Evan as a mate? Did I just miss that in my version that I read or does everyone not know? Also, the story was a bit too rushed. Plot after plot after plot was just thrown in and sown together in this book. 1) It didn't seem too coherent and 2) What did happen wasn't explained enough. Before we could revel in what just happened, 1o more plots were being thrown our way. I enjoyed reading through it all, but it needed a lot more planning. If you're curious, go ahead and read it, just be prepared. 



Another Galatea read that will keep you entertained. A lot happens in this one, sometimes you are thinking that the crazy stuff needs to calm down. Also not sure if it was just my version but I'm sure a chapter or two were missing when something happens to one of the side characters. Just one thing after another with this one. Think it continues as a series on the app but I've only read the first one. Might continue at a later date

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The Lycan's Queen

The Lycan's Queen

42 Chapters

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