The Medallion

Chapter 1214 The Negotiation With The Ancient Demonic Beast

At the same time, Rocky's spiritual sense entered the extremely weird space. Suddenly, the red lights around him flickered like neon lights. Besides that, the surging demonic power was also constantly attacking him from all directions.

Soon enough, Rocky saw a beast-shaped soul shadow with a demonic aura right in front of him. Although it was only the size of an ordinary human, it looked ferocious, cruel, and malicious. Its body was full of blood and it exuded a strong aura.

"So, are you the most powerful ancient demonic beast?" Looking at the beast-shaped soul shadow in front of him, Rocky had to admit that he was a little afraid. After all, he had no idea how he could subdue such a powerful ancient demonic beast.

"You worthless little human, how dare you hinder my rebirth? But I couldn't care less about you; my wish finally came true! It feels so good to finally have a new body. And this body seems to be stronger than the previous body of the legendary guardian beast. God is really on my side! The next thing for me is to eat all the spiritual race beings to replenish my strength with their spiritual power..." the demonic beast said maliciously, disdainfully ignoring Rocky.

Realizing that the demonic beast actually had a human-like consciousness, Rocky immediately smiled and said, "Did you really think that I sent your soul into the body of this ancient spiritual beast for nothing?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" the demonic beast asked. It immediately became doubtful as soon as it heard Rocky's words.

"The body of the spiritual beast that you are reborn is indestructible that even the spiritual race can't destroy it. Although your soul is reborn with the body of the ancient spiritual beast, I'd like to inform you that you will be forbidden to exist both in heaven and earth with this indestructible soul and beast body. So, I think you should be aware of the consequences, right?" Rocky said to the demonic beast calmly. His words and calmness at the gravity of the situation hit its heart.

As expected, the demonic beast shouted furiously as if it was triggered by something, "I have been sealed in the Demonic Soul Cauldron for thousands of years. I even almost lost my soul. It is not easy for me to have a chance to be reborn. But you, a worthless human, almost ruined my plan. Now you even deliberately set me up, trying to burn my soul and body to nothing but ashes! I'll kill you, bastard!"

looked extremely enraged. In an instant, the demonic light all over its body rushed to Rocky like a

ancient spiritual beast will disappear together!" Rocky commanded

risking everything. If he couldn't make the demonic beast surrender to him, then

out a few gales of wild laughter. It looked very arrogant and obviously, it

directly to Rocky, as if it wanted to swallow every bit of his

eye, his whole body suddenly trembled, and a strong black smoke suddenly rose from it. The smoke was swirling around him, as if he were possessed by an evil king which would make people shudder with

suddenly stopped in its tracks and shouted in astonishment, "Divine King Belial?" As

the demonic beast, his face froze. He could tell that

are you?" the demonic beast asked

do you think am I?" Rocky

of Divine

Divine King Belial, would you surrender to me then?" Rocky asked, using

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