The Medallion

Chapter 1218 The Collision

"The evil power that resides in my body is not the real form of the Evil-fight Divine Bead? Then, what is its true form?" Rocky asked in surprise. He still didn't quite grasp the entire prowess of the Evil-fight Divine Bead's evil power, so he wanted to know as much information as he could.

"I can't describe it in detail. I can only tell you that the true form of the bead is much more formidable than the evil power in your body. Although, yes, the evil power is also pretty strong, it is at most equivalent to that of the spiritual race." The Dragon-shaped Soul Beast tried to simplify the explanation.

"More powerful than the evil power? That's inconceivable." Upon hearing its description, Rocky was obviously appalled. The evil power was already considered as something very powerful not only to humans but also to the spiritual race. If the true form of the Evil-fight Divine Bead was stronger than the evil power, then it meant that it had completely surpassed the power of the spiritual race.

That much power was just unimaginable.

"Well, you need to worry about it some other time. You have somewhere to go to. You know that Glutton has a bad temper. If you didn't manage to take out its remains on time, we would not know what kind of trouble that beast might do to you. Although it can't fully control its reborn body yet, we will still have a hard time dealing with it. Therefore, it's wise to not provoke it. However, if we are able to find and take out the remains, we still can't give it that easily," the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast warned Rocky.

"Of course. I know that Glutton is the cunning type who won't keep its promise," Rocky smirked, knowing how he should deal with the ancient demonic beast. For now, he had to retrieve the remains first. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the cards when it was time to negotiate.

Then, Rocky gave Ken a signal. It immediately roared and soared into the vast sky, carrying Rocky on its broad back.

As soon as he left, a strange man clothed in a red robe appeared. Looking at Rocky's back, he murmured to himself, "This is so boring! Why does the patriarch want me to keep an eye on Basil? If it weren't for the patriarch's order to keep him alive, that guy would have already died miserably in my hands!"

The man in the red robe instantly disappeared after seeing where Rocky was headed.

few days had passed since Rocky

Empire, a colorful light shadow intertwined around the clouds and a light mist flashed in the sky. Soon after, this attracted several bird-like spirit-manipulated beasts of three to four-star levels, flying over from all directions. It was as

and released it. In an instant, a shadow of a flaming beast shot out. It spread its six wings and the blazing light burst out in all directions. It sent a wave of devouring fire that engulfed a radius of

beasts. Before they could even make a sound, their entire

this, the rest of the spirit-manipulated beasts nearby immediately panicked and let out shrilling screams. They hurriedly jerked to a halt in the air, turned around and escaped as fast

After sending Uriah back to his Magic Spiritual

was filled with powerful spirit-manipulated beasts and supernatural beasts. Back then, he almost died in

he already learned from his mistakes in the past

voice of the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast rang in his mind. "Just go straight to the stone area that you saw after you came out of the Myriad Spirit Tomb last time. You can enter the tomb directly through

its suggestion and looked for the stones. As he

walking in the area, he quickly noticed that the dragon-shaped jade hanging on his chest began to shine brightly. The light spread out

he discovered that he was already inside the magnificent ice tomb. There was still an endless ice surface around the tomb, with tens of thousands of corpses belonging to the spiritual race beings buried directly under it. As he looked up, he saw that he was

expect that I'll still come back to this place again," Rocky sighed

the Heavenly God Temple." The voice of the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast rang

I go?" Rocky

Soul Beast replied and pointed at

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