The Medallion

Chapter 1220 The Ladder Showed Up

Rocky took a deep breath, then bolted towards the hurricane. The winds whipped at his face violently.

"I have no choice but to try," he said through gritted teeth. The next moment, the Hexagonal Netting Dragon Ring in his hand turned into two streams of spiritual power, like sharp blades clawing at the hurricane before him. The hurricane was forcefully torn open, creating a narrow gap. Without hesitation, Rocky rushed into the gap and into the center of the hurricane.

In the blink of an eye, he was swept into the air by the hurricane and spun around uncontrollably. However, because he was in the center of the hurricane, the force he suffered was the smallest, or else he would have been torn into pieces.

Then, Rocky moved along with the hurricane until it merged with the other one.

Soon, Rocky felt the strong force produced by the merging of the two hurricanes. Although the position where he was located was the least affected, he still felt as though his limbs were being torn off. Thinking quickly, he activated the Hexagonal Netting Dragon Ring to form a light barrier to protect him in time. After the two hurricanes separated again, he took the opportunity to leave the first hurricane and move into the other one.

In this way, Rocky moved through one hurricane after another. It took him a few hours to pass through the whole wind region. By then, he was totally exhausted. When he finally landed on the ground, he felt his knees buckle from underneath him. It was obvious that he had reached his limit.

'This is even more tiring and perilous than a battle with a spiritual master, ' he thought to himself.

as ink and stagnant, constantly boiling and bubbling. Rocky wrinkled his nose once he caught a whiff of the air there, as though there was

area before him. In the distance, he could see a pointed, crystal-like building floating in the air at the center of the huge water area. The crystal-like facade was dazzling. Although it was quite far away, he could still feel the magnificence of the crystal

Heavenly God Temple." With his end goal in sight,

flew into the water area from behind him. When it entered the water area, something immediately went wrong. It went stiff and plummeted straight into the dead water. Moments

the dead water

just been through, he knew that although this place looked the calmest, it was probably the deadliest. If it was impossible for him to fly over the water, he wouldn't be able to reach the Heavenly God Temple at

the Heavenly God Temple is underneath this water area. However, with your strength, you won't

deal with it, right?" Rocky asked, squinting at the

I won't be able to guide you to find the remains of Glutton sealed in the Heavenly God Temple," the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast warned. "I believe you can do it alone. After all, you have the power of Divine King Belial in your body. There are many areas in the Heavenly God Temple with many terrible forbidden objects and evil souls sealed within them. Therefore, you are not allowed to enter other areas except the Evil King Hall. Besides, you must come out as soon as you find the remains of Glutton in the Evil King Hall. Don't touch any other seals in the hall, or the consequences will be unimaginable. Do you

it was not difficult to tell that the temple was like a cave filled with treasures and forbidden objects. He could not help but wonder if these forbidden

origin of the Evil-fight Divine Bead? The mysterious place where the bead was taken out is beyond the scope of human knowledge, just like the Heavenly God Temple. Everything within it is difficult for you humans to understand, and the spiritual race is also afraid that you humans will know that and cause trouble," the Dragon-shaped Soul

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