The Medallion

Chapter 1221 Twelve Statues

Then, the dragon-shaped jade flashed feebly and returned to Rocky's hand.

After hanging it around his neck again, Rocky spared no time and ran up ladder that led to the Heavenly God Temple.

Suddenly, Rocky felt an aura appear behind him. Just as he was about to turn around to investigate, he noticed that the dead water on both sides began to surge, as if trying to break free from an invisible dam. At the same time, the ladder under his feet began to shake violently, and to his horror, he realized the stairs he'd just passed began to sink into the water.

Seeing that the situation was getting desperate, Rocky didn't care about anything else but ran like a madman towards the Heavenly God Temple as fast as he could. It was a race against time. The stairs behind him kept sinking, like dominoes. However, what Rocky was worried about the most was the dead water surging on both sides, as though they'd swallow him at any moment.

Just as the last step was about to sink, Rocky stepped on it and launched himself into the Heavenly God Temple, tumbling through its gate. The stairs behind him then fell into the dead water.

When Rocky looked back at the Heavenly God Temple before him, he found that it was even more breathtaking up close. It was a hundred meters high, like a palace of a giant, its crystal-like facade twinkling under the light.

The temple seemed to be made of crystal, but in fact, it was built from some special stone. Like crystal, it was flat, smooth, and reflective, almost like a mirror. Therefore, it looked magnificent and imposing.

finally gathered his bearings, he realized there was a tall door in front of

all his strength to get the door to budge.

was brightly lit, as if it was daytime. However, no matter where Rocky looked, there didn't seem to be any light source. It was as though the temple

as though it was meant for an emperor. Around him was a continuous stone wall, engraved with a lifelike picture of

to time. After a while, he stumbled upon

quickened his pace. After he passed the stone pillars, he was

in form, surrounded by twelve crystal-made chairs at

figure looked like a human being. There were men and women, young and old, but each of them seemed to emit a terrifying aura,

and studied each statue. He looked at their faces carefully. At the last statue, his mouth

It looked exactly like him—not his current self, but the one in the

exactly like Rocky before his

like me?" Rocky pondered

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