The Medallion

Chapter 1224 Got The Remains Successfully

"How dare you talk back to me? I'm a king! Give up your body before I make you suffer! Back when I fought with Divine King Belial, that bastard destroyed my flesh body and sealed my spiritual soul. Fortunately, I managed to use a technique that fused my remaining power with my spiritual soul. Now, I'm just waiting for my chance to be reborn. As long as I can possess a flesh body, I can come back to life!" the shadow, claiming to be a king, boasted and threatened Rocky.

Hearing this, Rocky immediately thought to himself, 'This ghost has genuine enmity towards Divine King Belial. This is bad. Since it was able to fight Divine King Belial, it means that I'm in grave danger! I will surely die if I can't get out of here as soon as possible.'

Pondering on these thoughts, Rocky gritted his teeth and glanced at the exit of the stone chamber. The chamber itself was an enchanted barrier. If he was able to leave and close the door, no matter how powerful the shadow was, it shouldn't be able to break free from the barrier. This was Rocky's only chance to escape. However, he hadn't retrieved Glutton's corpse yet, and he couldn't just leave without it. All his efforts would be in vain if he failed to take it out.

Meanwhile, the amber stone was still cracking, and more thick gray smoke rose and merged with the shadow. With this, the aura of the shadow became more and more powerful. Surging dark energy had started to cover the entire chamber.

"Hey, brat, think carefully before you make a move. If you just obediently surrender your body to me, I promise to leave your soul intact." The shadow could almost read what was in Rocky's mind just by looking at the expression in his eyes.

However, Rocky wasn't the type to just give up in the face of overwhelming adversaries. He made up his mind and suddenly rushed towards the corpse of Glutton, releasing a strong evil power from within his body. This turned into an evil light that dashed forth and collided with the seal on the corpse in just the blink of an eye.

Instantly, the seal on the corpse was removed. Then, a demonic power gushed and flowed like a raging wave that spread out all over the chamber.

"You have undone the seal on Glutton's corpse? It took Divine King Belial a lot of effort just to seal its soul into the Demonic Soul Cauldron. Although it is just a corpse, it still contains a very strong demonic power that I can use. Ha-ha! Good job, brat!" Even though the shadow didn't exactly know Rocky's intention with Glutton's corpse, it laughed so hard, thinking that his actions could, in fact, help it. Thus, it immediately transformed into a thick fog and chased after Rocky.

As the shadow approached quickly, Rocky felt an astonishing evil aura coming from behind him. But at the same time, he just focused his eyes on the corpse and hurriedly opened his Magic Spiritual Space, where an ice shadow suddenly rushed out.

the corpse inside!" Upon giving the order, Rocky turned around and faced the shadow that was chasing him.

to face me head-on. Then, I'll take your flesh body!" The shadow laughed devilishly, while its thick fog form,

blazed as he pulled out the Frozen Wind Dagger and turned it into a sharp Flaming Blade. He slashed through the air and created a gigantic Moon Blade that dashed towards

just devoured by the


next moment, the shadow turned into slithering dark fogs and rushed towards Rocky's body. This time, he wasn't able to prevent it from invading his

was swelling and his consciousness was starting to blur. At the same time,

seemed that it was greatly affected by the presence of the shadow. As a result, the evil power went on a rampage and wreaked havoc in his body, making the last two

by this powerful shadow of unknown origin, it wouldn't be long till his

undoubtedly huge crisis that needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

However, just before his body was about to be fully controlled by the powerful shadow, the dragon-shaped

Rocky's body was suddenly ejected and condensed into a thick

that possible?" The shadow was pretty surprised at what just happened. It couldn't understand why it was suddenly thrown

expressed strong disbelief as it asked, "Is

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