The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 393 Play Hard to Get

"I'm sorry. I don't know someone is inside." Casey said to the girl inside with some embarrassment, and then quickly closed the door again.

At this time, Eliana ran out of the room, still holding a baseball bat in her hand. She shouted nervously, "Where is the bastard? He dares to come to my house! Doesn’t he know the police station is in front of my house?"

Casey turned to look at Eliana. He was a little bit speechless. When he moved in today, Eliana didn't tell him that there was another girl in this house.

Eliana was also taken aback after seeing Casey, and asked suspiciously, "Casey? Why are you here?"

"Um, I went to the bathroom, but I didn't expect someone in it. It was a misunderstanding." Casey explained.

At this time, the girl inside came out wrapped in a bath towel. Her hair was wet, and the water drops on her body were not dry. Seeing Casey still standing at the door, she immediately showed a wary expression.

"Eliana, call the police. This guy is a pervert. He actually watched me take a shower just now. I didn't expect that someone would dare to break in and do this kind of thing. We have to call the police and let the police punish him severely!" The girl said angrily.

"Ophelia, this may be a misunderstanding. He is a tenant who moved in today. I forgot to tell him that you are also in this house. Maybe he didn't pay attention and accidentally went into the bathroom." Eliana put down the baseball bat.

Ophelia looked at Casey up and down, with a hint of contempt on her face, and then she said, "Even if he's the tenants here, he may be the pervert. It's impossible that he can’t hear me taking a shower inside. Maybe he just wanted to peek. He saw my naked just now."

Casey said apologetically to Ophelia, "I'm really sorry. I didn't pay attention to the sound inside at the time. I saw the door open, so I thought there was no one inside. I apologize to you and promise that such a thing won't happen again in the future."

Eliana walked over, dragged Ophelia over, and said with a smile, "Ophelia, don't blame him. You don't shut the door when you take a shower. So it’s not his fault. Don’t you think Casey looks handsome? Don’t you always like to fantasize about there will be a handsome guy breaking into your bathroom while you are taking a shower?"

Ophelia rolled her eyes at Eliana, then looked at Casey up and down. She found that although this person was a little sloppy, he was indeed handsome.

"Hmph, I can forgive you this time. If it happens next time, I will definitely call the police and let them arrest you!" Ophelia murmured, and then followed Eliana into the room.

Casey smiled and shook his head. He thought that he wouldn't live in this place for too long. He didn’t care about whether he was misunderstood. It didn't affect him much.

After that, he went into the toilet. There was only one toilet here. Anyway, he had to pee.

was still the rising steam in the toilet and the fragrance of shampoo. Casey walked to the closestool and saw that there

he wanted to pee, he must pick up the lingerie

at the two pieces of lingerie for a while, Casey planned to turn around and told Eliana, asking the girl to come over and took the clothes. He had better not touch this kind of

again. Ophelia walked in and saw Casey staring at her lingerie. She immediately shouted, "You are just a bastard. Why are

up the two pieces of lingerie on

shook his head helplessly, and then locked the door. Ophelia didn't even think about whether there was anyone inside. If he was peeing just now and Ophelia just came in directly, she would

care about Eliana who was beside her.

that the man was a pervert, but you were still speaking for him. The guy was staring at my underwear. He seemed to want to pick it up and smell it. So freak! Eliana, you can't rent the house

so happens that Casey is handsome. Don’t you like

face, and said, "I'm playing hard to get. Do you know? When I hook up with him, he will be more

Ophelia was not a reserved

sat down by the bed and said to Eliana with a smile, "Quickly tell me that man's

guy is a worker on the construction site. The construction site has been suspended these days, so he

immediately showed a disappointed expression on her face. All the

This kind of

needs, why do you care about whether he has money

Even if it is not a rich guy, at least he can't be a worker. I still want to rely on my beautiful face to marry into a rich family. That guy is just a poor. What's the

in front of our house, but the bald guy is not afraid at all. Therefore, in this society, money is king. Money can settle

rented a house to the bald guy, but the bald guy didn't want to pay for rent at all.

guy, but the bald guy knew about it. He

needs money and people's connections. I hope that bald

almost noon that Casey

saw Eliana standing at the door with a worried expression on her face, as if worrying

Casey come down, Eliana's eyes lit up. She

then said, "Yeah, what's

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