The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter179 Don't Believe Her Family's Tall Talk

Gas station.

Casey parked the Porsche next to the tanker. The staff was almost stunned when seeing the Porsche logo.

"Sir, is your car a Porsche?" the man asked.

Casey smiled and nodded, and said, "Fill up the fuel tank. Today, I'm going to travel."

They were about to go to Amara's birthplace today, so Casey came over in advance to fill up the fuel.

The man immediately nodded, filled up the fuel tank of Casey's car, and then asked, "How much does this car cost?"

"It's more than four million. I don't know it exactly. Someone sent it to me," Casey said.

The man took a deep breath and looked at Casey with a look full of disbelief. The car worth more than four million dollars was actually given by someone else. How rich was the person who sent the car?

At the same time, he was also surprised that the driver's status must be different as he could let others give him such an expensive car.

His gaze at Casey became respectful instantly. He didn't dare to provoke such a big man.

After filling up the fuel, Casey gave the money and drove the car to the house.

On the way, he dialed the phone number Charles gave him, and soon the call was connected. There was a calm voice over there.

"Who is it?"


After a few seconds of silence, an excited exclamation erupted, "Mr....Mr. Casey, is it really you? You finally called me. Charles told me two days ago. Having said that, I have been waiting for your call."

"I am going to Yutian County today. I may ask you for help if necessary," Casey didn't stand on ceremony.

"No problem. Mr. Casey, my words carry huge weight in Yutian County. No matter what happens, I can fix it for you," Leonardo said.

Casey hummed, and said he would contact him then.

Leonardo hurriedly asked Casey how to come and when he would arrive, so that he could be prepared to pick him up.

Casey let him talk about the time he was there, and told Leonardo that he didn't have to make any welcome meeting. He and Edith went over with Edith's family, naturally, he wanted to keep a low profile.

Although Leonardo agreed, but after hanging up the phone, he felt that he still had to welcome Casey. After all, Casey was kind to him. He hadn't seen him for so long, so he shouldn't be too casual, as if he didn't value Casey.

So, he called his subordinates immediately and asked them to come over to discuss welcoming Casey.

the villa,

Her face was still a little swollen, but after putting

He must know what would happen if I took his card. He didn't tell me deliberately. He just wanted me to be beaten. Edith, he is so scheming. You can't be with him," Amara

trouble. You asked for it. Casey never thought you would steal

me some money? You tell back to take out all the money in his card and give it to me. He cannot deposit the money in the bank," Amara

didn't know that if the money in Casey Card was really going to be taken out, ten villas didn't have enough space for

to talk to Amara again, and went back to the

Edith's phone rang and

boyfriend pick you up and

four of us and Alexander. If your boyfriend come to pick us,

Flora exclaimed, "You really want Casey to come back with you. Aren't you afraid that he will shame

he can drive our car." Edith found

turned out that only Casey can drive it. It is estimated that it is so broken that only

we get back," Edith said

"Mom, Flora is really horrible. She always feels that we are not as good as them, saying

know how your uncle's family is. Don't care for them. They will have nothing to say when we drive back in a luxury car worth 4

and stopped thinking about

Yutian County, Flora was sitting with her

here, and said that the car can

mention to me, does he come here

good for him to come here, so that I can laugh at Edith as much as possible. When I was young, everyone thought Edith was better than me. In the end,

time Flora's father Sidney Stevens and mother Melissa Mills walked

Jaxon, and said, "Flora is right. No matter how good she is, it's useless. Marring to a

Leonardo. But the wimp you said is indeed not qualified to compare with me," Jaxon

much money can you make in a year with

Usually, hundreds of thousands of dollars. If Leonardo is in a good mood, it may be millions." Jaxon's

There were millions a year. This was definitely the top rich person in a county like where

good. You are much better than Casey who only lives off a woman. After they come here, they must feel ashamed," Melissa said

villa. Edith should have made some achievements in the past few years,

called him a few days ago. Alexander said he lived

so he simply lived at Sam's house. When Alexander's mother called him, he was enjoying playing games, so he just said a few

They didn't even have a place for Alexander to live, and they still said that they bought a

when they come back, Jaxon and I will drive to see what broken car they bought. Jaxon's car is an Audi and it costs more than 400,000 dollars," Flora

More than 400,000! It is too expensive. Jaxon, my daughter is so happy

it was just a

and said that an important person will come to Yutian County today. He let me go back to discuss how to

asked immediately, "Then can you still

said, "It should be possible. I just go to give some advice. The specifics should be done by some good brothers of Leonardo. I heard that this time the important man is very powerful. I am not qualified to

nodded and

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