The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 403 Do You Have a First Girlfriend

"Edith, that man's name is Axel. Later, you mustn't call him by the wrong name. He has studied abroad, so it's possible that he will pay more attention to some details. If he asks you questions you don't like, don't get angry with him." Amara spoke to Edith while walking.

It was obvious that Edith was impatient. She said, "If you go on talking like that, I'm not going to enter the private box."

They came to the door of a private box and stopped.

Amara immediately closed her mouth and dared not say anything more.

Edith turned her head, gave the private box a glance, and asked, "Shall we enter this private box?"

Amara nodded, opened the door and said, "Edith, come in. Have a good chat with him. I do it for your own good."

"You’re not going in with me? I just ask him for some suggestions. You can go in with me." Edith said suspiciously.

"No, no, just go in and chat with him. Both of you are young, and I can't understand what you talk with him. Besides, aren't you going to ask him some questions about your psychology? It's inappropriate for me to listen to it. Have a good chat with him, and I'm waiting outside." Amara said while pushing Edith to enter the private box.

Before Edith could say anything else, she had been forced to go in. After that, Amara closed the door.

After closing the closing the door of the private box, Amara breathed a long sigh of relief and said to herself, "Edith, I really do it for your own good. In the future, you'll understand the reason why I do it. Casey would incur disasters. It doesn't matter how powerful he is. I just want you to be safe and sound. It's enough for you to live with a man having a fortune of two or three hundred million dollars."

At this moment, she heard the sound of heels stepping on the ground. The woman, who claimed to be the first girlfriend of Casey, came up behind Amara and said, "In your opinion, Casey would incur disasters. Actually, the reason why you think so is that you're too ordinary. I don't care about the fact that Casey always gets into all kinds of trouble. As a big shot who can affect the world, it's commonplace for him to be in trouble."

Hearing this, Amara's lips immediately twitched. She said, "A big shot who can affect the world? Sooner or later, he will die because of the troubles he is in. At that time, how can he affect the world? It's ridiculous."

That woman didn't argue with Amara as if Amara was unworthy of arguing with her.

Amara wanted to quarrel with this woman. However, seeing that she ignored her, Amara couldn't have a big fight with her.

"Are you sure that my daughter will be willing to leave Casey by doing so? Is it a rush to let them sleep with each other in the private box? In my opinion, it'll be better if we let them get along with each other for a few days first." Amara moved to another topic.

That woman stared at the door of the private box and said, "The sooner they sleep with each other, the better. Are you sure that Casey won't come back during this period? If he knew what you had, what do you think he would do to you?"

"What can he do to me? Could it be that he will kill me? Edith is my daughter. I can ask her to marry the person I want her to. It has nothing to do with him." Amara acted as if she were fearless.

That woman smiled and said, "If you went too far, according to the character of Casey, he will kill you."

Hearing it, Amara was suddenly gooseflesh all over. Remembering how Sasha died in the villa, Amara suddenly became a little scared.

"Humph, if he dares to do that, my daughter will definitely not forgive him." Amara answered without much confidence.

and headed towards another private box that was

stayed at the door of

In the private box.

box, she smelt a faint scent in the air, creating an

She saw that there was a table

polite. He looked sharp-featured and behaved elegantly. It seemed

the private box was arranged, Edith cursed in her heart. She realized that Amara had arranged a blind date for

had come in. It would be impolite if she went out

these days, so she wanted me to have a talk with you. The reason

this, Edith also smiled out of courtesy. Then, she came close to the table and sat opposite

this man behaved, he didn't come to have a blind date with me. Maybe

my name if Axel. Nice to meet you."

hands with him, Edith said, "I indeed don't feel very well, and I want to talk with

said, "You don't need to do anything. Just relax, and chat with me while eating. Don't be too nervous. Just take it as an

actor employed by someone. That woman had promised him that she would gave him a lot of benefits

was certainly glad to do

felt that there was something strange. However, she couldn't figure what was

too much suggestion because I come to see a psychologist.

said with a smile, "Let's start our conversation with a glass of wine. In this

have a drink with him, Edith

be professional and asked Edith a few questions. After that, he began to talk


Before Starry Night Club.

car before the gate of Starry Night Club. After that, he wanted to ask Conor to prepare a room for the driver, so that the

on the way back, Conor made a phone call to Casey, asking when he would return. After hearing Casey say that he was

his head, looking at Conor, Morgan and other people. He could feel that

well. Now, Conor and a group of his men were much better at fighting than before.

greatest progress. Now, he could really be said to be one of the top experts. There weren't even many people

the only person who

come here first. What happened?" Casey

me if you have a first girlfriend." Conor

at Conor with a puzzled expression and asked, "Are you fucking drunk? Why would you ask me this

your answer first. Don't try to fool me. It matters quite a

She is both the first and

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