The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 404 I Won’t Let You Go!

Edith was full of panic and wanted to push Axel away, but now she had no strength to get rid of this nasty man in front of her.

"Don't touch me, my mother is outside, if you dare to touch me, I'll call my mother in." Edith trembly shouted at him.

Axel smiled slyly and said, "Do you think I don’t know you mother is outside? Haven’t you thought that why are we here? Maybe it is because of your mother."

Edith's heart beat quickly. She thought of all those suspicious things Amara had done before. There was a possibility that she arranged everything here.

But she just couldn't understand why Amara would plan all these things. Didn't Amara tell her before that she must be with Casey forever and never let him go? How could she now scheme with others to do such an evil thing to her?

Could it be that Amara never wanted her to be with Casey? And all Amara wanted was to let her daughter to leave Casey?

Many thoughts whirled around in her mind, but she didn't have the time to think about these things now, because Axel had already walked towards to her and wanted to drag her chair to the other side.

"Mom! Help me! This guy is a pervert! Help me!" Edith used all of her strength to shout for help.

"Don't waste your energy, tonight you are mine, no one will come to save you, after tonight, you will belong to me, I will treat you well in the future, and I promise to let you enjoy every time when we have sex." Axel smirked.

Outside the private room, Amara sat there anxiously, thinking about what was happening inside the private room.

At that moment, she heard Edith's cry for help. Her sound after going through the door became very low, but it still could be heard by Amara clearly.

The moment she heard Edith's cry for help, Amara stood up immediately and walked towards the private room.

But when she walked towards the room, Amara stopped and kept convincing herself, "What I'm doing is for the good of Edith, I'm doing this for her own good. It is not a big deal for her to sleep with this guy tonight. After all, it is good for her from a long-term view."

With this self-deceiving thought in her mind, Amara turned around and walked back to the bench not far away, forcing herself to pretend that she didn't hear Edith's cry for help.

Not long after, Casey together with Conor led a group of people walked into the TC International Hotel. Casey wore a heavy look. You could see the anger coming from his sharp eyes.

"Search every inch of this hotel!" Casey said in a cold voice.

A group of people ran quickly towards the upper floor, searching from one room to another.

Many people are drinking and eating at this time. Those who could afford to have a dinner here usually were people with high status and money. It was inevitable that they may get angry for being interrupted by some strangers.

used their fists to make them understand how to be quiet, and

City knew that Casey was a person who was very close to the Davies family in

minutes, Morgan sent a message to Casey, "Brother Casey, your mother-in-law

immediately rushed towards the third floor with

third floor, Casey saw Amara sitting over there, then he

She suddenly heard the sound of


near to her and asked in a cold voice, "Where is

here, this is my hotel, just get the hell out of here, you can't rush

with Amara, and directly grabbed her neck and lifted her up with

her eyes

ground and walked

how dare you choke me! You will go to hell!" Amara shouted at him after she fell on the ground,

private room heavily. Because Casey took much force to kick the door

off Edith's clothes but

saw the scene in the room, without saying a word, he rushed towards Axel,


in pain. Casey kicked his leg to make him fall to his

that Casey came here just in time, but she was still powerless, and because she had been drugged by Axel, she was getting hotter and hotter,

but safely, he didn't

you? Why would you drug my wife?" Casey asked in a cold and

with Casey and was sure that if he didn't

who told me to do this, she promised to give me money if I did what she said. Please let

that woman?"

been wearing a veil, I can not see how she looks like, and I have only seen her a few times, I do not

"Then who are you?"

clothes and dressed myself, and asked me to pretend to be a rich guy to hook up

anger surging in his heart. He heavily stepped on Axel's face, and a few teeth in his mouth fell down as well.

could hear what Axel said. After knowing that Axel was just a street sweeper, she was surprised as well. Because the woman told her before that he was a rich man

lie to me. She even asked a street sweeper to hook up with my daughter, I won’t

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