The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 405 No Mercy

In the suite on the top floor of TC International Hotel.

Casey put Edith on the bed, at this moment she had already lost her mind, and there was only endless desire left in her eyes.

Because she had no energy any more, she could only twist her body on the bed gently, but the more she did so, the more tempting she looked to Casey.

Looking at Edith, eagerly longing for a man, Casey let out a sigh of relief. It was lucky that he did not stay in S City for another day, otherwise, he could not come to save her today.

"Casey... "

"I want you... "

"You... you come here... "

Edith's soft voice, coupled with the extremely seductive look of her lying on the bed, caused Casey to swallow.

He walked to the side of the bed, looked down at Edith, seeing the desire from her eyes, and then gently touched her face with one hand.

"If I don’t satisfy you, you should be in pain so much, since that's the case... "

A bad smile appeared on Casey's face, after which he bent down.


The next morning.

In TC International Hotel chairman's office.

Casey and Edith were sitting opposite Amara. Edith's face looked reddish and somewhat nourished, except that the vibe in the room at this moment was somewhat depressing, none of the three took the lead to speak.

Casey looked gloomy as he stared at Amara. He had been very angry about what happened yesterday. Amara had watched others hurting her daughter, but did nothing to save her. No matter what, Casey could not just let it go.

Edith was also very upset, she could not imagine that Amara would treat herself like this, she believed that Amara could hear her cry for help at that time, but Amara did not come to rescue her. Casey said when he arrived, Amara sat near the door. This scene was enough to explain a lot of things.

Amara was obviously a bit guilty, being stared by them, she was a little fidgety.

She was just about to say something when Casey stood up and raised his hand and slapped her heavily.

turned to the side, her two eyes glared at them angrily. She only felt her face was burning hot, she also immediately stood up

again on the other side of her

up quickly. Although Casey did not use his full strength in these two slaps. It was enough for an ordinary person like Amara to suffer. The

him, she also felt that Amara had gone too

damned thing! How dare

Casey and scratched his

up, saying in a cold voice, "The slaps are just a slight punishment for you, I hope you can remember them, if you weren't

the murderous wind coming from Casey, her two hands

Casey very well, and did not doubt his words. This guy, if really be offended, would really kill her, after all, he once watched his own mother being strangled to death by others, but did nothing to

Amara for a moment, then let

this bastard dares to hit me, don’t you care about

think you still have the face to say such things, because of you, I almost got raped by someone else, is this how you treat your own daughter? I want to slap you by myself as well." Edith

like that, am I hurting you? I'm doing that for your own good, I just

a street sweeper defile me, what the hell are you thinking? I want to send

told me that he was a... rich man with two or three hundred million dollars." Amara said, suddenly realizing that she seemed to

this matter, if you dare to

that this matter could not be concealed in any case, and there was no need

was the person who claimed to be his

not figure out who would

trying to separate Casey and Edith, and she also wanted Edith to end up in a miserable situation. It

in his mind, and his heart beat

it be

still didn’t forgive him. There was a possibility that it would be her, but in his impression, Lily was

his phone

the clues about that mysterious

now and take a look, I'll handle this matter, and have Morgann

something, but in

look at Amara and said with a cold face, "Remember what I said, even if you are Edith's mother, but as long as you do anything that threatens her

Casey walked

when Casey went out did Amara let out a long sigh

all because of Casey. If it wasn't for letting you leave him, mom wouldn't have made such a

afraid that the mother-daughter relationship


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