The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 409 Make This Name Disappear in Ten minutes

Everyone was attracted by the penetrating sound. They all turned their heads and looked over and saw Casey standing there with his hands in his pockets.

"It's Casey!" someone shouted immediately.

Casey walked up and gave Conor a look, motioned that he would deal with the matter. Conor nodded, and then made way for Casey.

Casey also glanced at Lily, but the moment Lily saw Casey, she turned her head away.

Obviously, even when drunk, Lily didn't want to see Casey now.

Casey sighed helplessly. Now he had to deal with the trouble first, so he couldn't apologize to Lily yet.

Lucas glanced at Casey and frowned. Obviously, he didn't expect that other people would intervene in this matter, but he was not afraid. No matter how many people were here, as long as they were from J City, he would not care.

And he felt that the name Casey seemed familiar, as if he had heard of it somewhere.

"Who the hell are you? My father is really coming. You have to kneel and apologize to him," Lucas shouted.

Casey walked to Lucas, pointed at Lily, and asked in a cold voice, "Did you touch her up just now?"

"Let alone touching her, I will also bang her, what can you do to me?" Lucas said with disdain.

"Apologize to her and I will spare you once, otherwise, you won't be the only one who will be in trouble," Casey said.

Lucas sneered and said, "Don't pretend! I heard people around you say that you are Casey, right? I remembered, when I came to J City last time, I heard people say that you are a notoriously wimp in J City and live off a woman. How dare ask me to apologize?"

After finishing speaking, he looked around with a smug look and shouted, "This person is the famous wimp in J City. I killed myself laughing. How dare a man who lives off women be arrogant in front of me, a man from a big family in B City. It is funny, right?"

Lucas originally thought that when he spoke so, everyone around him would follow him to taunt Casey, but what he didn't expect was that after he spoke, the surroundings fell silent.

Everyone was looking at him like an idiot, making him feel embarrassed.

Lucas didn't know why these people stared at him with this kind of look. Logically speaking, shouldn't they ridicule the one who had no self-knowledge and tried to compare with a master from B City?

If Casey had appeared here a month ago and said such things to Lucas, these people who looked on passively might mock Casey as Lucas thought.

Crystal Castle sensationalized the entire J City, no one

was indeed the young master of a noble family in B City, but he was only from a second-rate family. When Casey got married, the Davies family in B City and the

in B City attached so much importance to Casey. Who continued

is here. If nothing else,

second-rate family in B City. Casey is a person who has

an idiot. He thought Casey was a wimp. Now, no one doesn't


whispers of the people around him. He didn't know why these people had such a reaction because he didn't quite understand what they

reacted so abnormally, he didn't

to be forgiven is to come and kowtow three times, and then let the girl sleep with me. Otherwise, even if the forces of

said, Casey stepped forward, slapped him, and said,

a hot pain on his face, and subconsciously covered his face with

dare to hit

and now he was slapped by the famous wimp in J

Casey, trying to get even with him. In his mind, Casey, the famous wimp

before Lucas reached Casey, Casey had already kicked

pain. He could no longer bear the humiliation he suffered tonight, so he took out his

send you their pictures. You can send someone over to help me beat them up. Otherwise, your son is too embarrassed

speaking, he hung up the phone, took a photo of Casey, Conor and Lily, and sent it

unrepented, Casey didn't intend to be polite to him. The most important thing is that Lucas wanted to touch Lily up at that time. Casey, who just misunderstood Lily, and was thinking of making up

for her as much as possible. Whoever ran over to bully

his phone

is the Holmes family in

with us. If you need the detailed information of the Holmes family, I will

it's just an inconspicuous little family, there is no need to check it," Casey said lightly, "Make

Jordan accepted Casey's request without any

"Let's wait and see. I have already told my dad, and he will send someone here to beat you up soon. Wait to

phone, and did not respond Lucas, but turned to look at

have beaten you.

him and said, "You are sick, I don't know what you

to the bar, ordered a glass of wine, and drank it in one

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