The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 414 Please Let Me Go

Dark, damp, and noisy.

Casey felt that he had slept for a long time. He was a little groggy. After he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a dimly lit space with very humid air.

At the top, a dim lamp was hanging, so that he could only see the general situation around him clearly. There were a lot of people in this place. From time to time, a few people walked past Casey. There was some playful looks in their eyes.

"This newcomer wakes up. Hurry up to inform the boss that it’s time for him to enjoy this newcomer. It’s the first time we have this kind of cute guy in No. 13 Room. He looks so good. After the boss finishes enjoying him, we can also enjoy him."

"Damn it, I've been in this horrible place for a long time. Now, even if I see a man, I will feel he’s so good. Although I’m not a gay, I can't hold it for so long without having sex. After the boss finishes it, I have to fuck him."

"If you want to have sex with women, you can go to challenge high ladder. As long as you can succeed, many women in Guanling will pounce on you. Maybe you can't even get out of bed at that time. Hahaha…"

"Shit! You’re the one to talk. Since the existence of Guanling, there have been only two men who succeed. Who dares to challenge that stuff? Do you want to go to the hell? The boss in No. 5 Room challenged it some time ago. But in the end, he failed at the second stage. He died so miserably."

"Yeah, the guards who are in high ladder are all the top masters in Guanling. They are so powerful. Not everyone dares to challenge them."


Listening to the people's discussion, Casey sat up directly from the ground. He rubbed his temples with his hands. He looked around, and found that it was a large room, which was as big as two classrooms.

Three sides of the room were walls, and the other side was an iron fence. It seemed that it was not much different from the cell.

There were about twenty people in the entire room. All of them looked gloomy, with fierce looks in their eyes, as if they hadn't seen the sun for a long time.

It could be seen that these people were like Andrei, but these people were more fierce than Andrei. It seemed that they all survived from various fights.

Casey found he had never seen any of the people in this room. From their discussion, Casey could judge that there were more than one room here. Andrei and others should be assigned to other rooms.

Could it be that this was Guanling? A bigger cell?

It could be observed from the surrounding conditions that this place should be underground. Could it be that Guanling was a place that existed underground?

questions. But he still couldn't immediately figure out the situation

words, Casey inferred that he might

quickly. Let’s check how your body is. Let’s all enjoy you. It's the rule

man walked towards Casey, with a lewd smile on his face. Seeing it,

person who came to him and only said the two

newcomers really are the same. You think you’re super cool after you killed a few people outside. Tell you, whoever can come here is all fierce. Put away your pride. Or I’ll teach you a lesson

you, no body cares. You are a newcomer. You’d better act according to the rules, otherwise, we will take turns to teach you

just woke up. Now, he wanted to stretch himself. Casey also understood that in this place, any rules and principles were nonsense here. Only power was the

here. So he didn't want to waste his breath


come in? If you know that you were wrong, just take off your clothes obediently and stand facing the wall." The

didn't want to argue with that person. He just took a step forward directly, and hit that

casually here, Casey didn’t have to worry about anything. If he


Casey took the initiative to take a move, the man curled his mouth and stretched

when their hands touched, the power

astonishment on that person's face. He quickly retreated to the back, but his face was still

be killed on the spot. But the man just

against Casey was higher than that of Marshall. It seemed that people

them may be even more powerful. If all people from here gathered, it would be definitely a very

so what was followed here was the law

a stride. He hit the guy on the chest with another punch, without giving the guy any chance to

twice, he passed away. Although this person was stronger

the guy to death with two punches, they were all shocked. Their gazes

is so strong. We underestimated

that a newcomer is so strong. Is he

He is just a little better than us. He is definitely not as


fell on the ground, Casey found that the people around him were only a little surprised when they saw this man dead, but they didn't

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