The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 416 Make a Wager

"It's really miserable. Some time ago, I could still eat rice. After today, I'm afraid there will only be chaff and wild herbs left for us." When those from Guanling left, Ernie sighed helplessly.

Casey glanced at Ernie and asked, "You are so sure that you will lose?"

"You don't know, the overall strength of Room 13 is not strong, and we have been eating rice with water for a long time. Everyone is not as strong as before. Fortunately, there was rice and water won by the previous bosses by challenging, or all of us would have all died." Ernie said.

"Then what if I participate in this afternoon's game?" Casey asked.

Ernie sighed, "Ten-people melee doesn't allow the boss to participate, so even if you are strong, it's useless."

"Except for the people in this room, does anyone know that I am the new boss here?" Casey asked rhetorically.

Ernie was stunned for a moment, and then her eyes lighted up, and she said excitedly, "That's right, you just got here, who would think that you could become our boss. As long as we don't speak it out, you certainly can participate this afternoon, but...those from Room 7 are very strong. Anyone of them could deal with all of us five. This means that you are going to face five people alone. Are you sure you can handle it?"

"You don't need to worry about this. Sign me up for the game this afternoon." Casey said.

Hearing Casey say so, Ernie kept the words to herself.

The rest of the people in the room were immersed in frustration. Obviously, they didn't have any confidence in the coming game.

Casey was stronger, but only when compared with those in Room 13. In this place, the strength gulf between each room was enormous. In order to win more food, each room would definitely send the strongest one. Casey might not be stronger than the other participants.

When it came to the noon, People from Guanling came to allocate food. Casey took a look and found that there were only rice and a bucket of water, with a few vegetable leaves floating on it.

No wonder the people in this room were so downhearted. If the food standard was lowered again, it would not be edible for human beings.

He could only win the game to eat better.

After the simple meal, Casey and Ernie chose the candidates for the game this afternoon. Obviously, nobody wanted to participate at the risk of their life, but the selected ones dared not say anything under Casey's deterrence.

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had eight floors. It was the tallest building in Guanling. With the Martial Arts Hall as the center, the ten-kilometer area around belonged to Guanling. Standing on the top of Guanling Martial Arts Hall, you could see the whole picture of Guanling. Villas were standing there one after another, and there were also wide roads and rich vegetation. Although it was in the hinterland of mountains, there was a clear lake not far from the Hall,

development, Guanling had become a well-facilitated town, where there was everything that you could see in the outside world, and all of them were among the best

many people here. Every year, there were rich people from all over the world who came here

no legal restrictions. For the rich, it was a paradise of freedom. They could have fun freely. As long as they wanted, Guanling could

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didn't even look at the man on the side, and said coldly, "Nate, listen, the Thompson family and my family are not on an equal footing, and don't talk to me like that. You should be clear about

through, Nate felt extremely embarrassed. He took a deep breath. He was very upset, but in the end, he could only

was indeed not as powerful as the Thompson family, so

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times. It is not certain whether he really has a son or not, and I feel that no matter how powerful Guanling is, they could only be as powerful as my family. How much

unnecessary, so instead she said, "If this is the case, then I would prefer to marry the son of someone from the Pantheon. I heard that many of them have reached the mating age, and I can barely

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