The Perfect Luna

The Perfect Luna

Authors:Marissa Gilbert
Num Chapters:83
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Chapter 84

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Maya had been watching Roxanne screaming for the past twelve hours. And it wasn’t making her happy at all. She just hoped that the baby would be safe and healthy. But nothing was going right. The baby was in the wrong position and Roxy turned out to have hips that were too narrow for childbirth.

“It’s a shifter baby,” Reid hugged his beloved wife, “She is going to make it.” But Maya wasn’t so sure anymore. She wasn’t even sure what she was doing there.

The siren was swearing and calling her dead lover. Then she was switching it up a bit to sending curses to all of them and promising that one day she would kill them all. She had no idea how much everyone in the kingdom and her pack wanted her dead. And it was only Maya and Riannon who kept her alive because she was pregnant.

One long piercing shriek and the fox became quiet. But at the next second, they all heard a baby’s scream and a wave of relief washed over the two Betas.

Maya stood up first and went to the midwife, who was holding the tiny little creature. The first thing she saw was a few red curls on the baby’s head and she frowned at that. This was exactly what she was ....

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The Perfect Luna

The Perfect Luna

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