Chapter 732 If You Have Any Compassion

Yeva was no great beauty, but she was still quite young. In fact, she was not much older than Yara. For a young lady like her to stay by Thomas’ side willingly, it was naturally because of his money.

Being kept as a mistress here is only temporary. My ultimate goal is to become Thomas’ lawfully wedded wife. That way, I’ll also have control over half of the Nichols family’s assets by law.

“My stepmother? You?” Yara sneered, shaking the hand she had used to slap Yeva as if she had just touched something dirty.

“Don’t underestimate me, Yara.” Yeva deliberately showed off her baby bump and declared smugly, “I’m pregnant with your father’s baby. What good is a daughter? In the end, your father will still pass on his assets to this child in my belly. You’d do well to speak to me politely. Otherwise, once I marry into the Nichols family, you’ll—”

Halfway through her threat, she got slapped hard by Yara once again.

Furious, Yeva roared angrily, “Why you… Do you really think I don’t have any way of dealing with you?”

“All right, then. Let’s see what you’ve got,” Yara retorted, arching her eyebrows tauntingly.

her phone and called Thomas in

Is Thomas here? So, it wasn’t Yara who discovered this place on her own. Thomas was the one who brought her here! And

you didn’t do anything when your daughter slapped me!”

you give him this watch as a gift? It has a monitoring device. Spit it out.

she heard that there was a monitoring device inside the watch.

refusing to tell the


I don’t know! I was in a dessert store, and one of the other customers left it behind. I noticed that it was the

trailed off as she spoke until she finally fell

this watch that you didn’t even know whom it belonged to and where it came from, then gave it to Dad? And what did

believe that this woman would stoop so low! Because

stalked over to Yeva and grabbed her tightly around her neck,

I can’t breathe!”

foiled my plans, yet you still

strangle Yeva but gave the latter a

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