Chapter 734 An Insatiable Wolf

“There’s no need to learn.”

“Hmm?” Natalie cocked a brow curiously.

“Everything just comes naturally with you.” Samuel’s naughty hands began sliding down.

“It’s already morning.” Natalie was blushing so hard that she looked like an alluring peach. “Shall we get out of bed? There’s still a lot to do in the day. We would be overdoing it if we continued.”

In spite of that, Samuel didn’t budge at all while his hands continued to cause mischief.

It was hard to imagine how someone who was so disciplined in his abstinence could turn into a wild beast in bed.

“I haven’t had enough from last night.”

“W-Why are you behaving this way?” Natalie grumbled.

they tip-toed along the

the time both of them were awake again, Natalie’s body

released from his cage. There was no rest

Samuel’s refreshed state, Natalie could feel her body aching

day off today?” Samuel gave Natalie a sympathetic peck

remembered that she had a lot to do that day. Hence, she declined, “I

no changing Natalie’s mind, Samuel didn’t press

Natalie had arrived outside the CEO’s office. The moment she opened the door, she was startled by a loud bang, followed


front of her were Yandel, Lia, Ross, and

behalf of her and Dream, Natalie cracked a slight smile.

atmosphere previously, everyone felt a lot less tense and was in high spirits just like before. After all, Dream had beaten Dexmed Pharmaceutical thoroughly in their recent tussle. The latter probably never imagined that they would lose so badly in the

and didn’t expect such a surprising turnaround to happen!” Yandel exclaimed candidly as

“Stop your flattery.”

in a grateful tone, “If it weren’t for all of you, I wouldn’t have been

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