Chapter 736 A Terrifying Punishment

It was as Gale had said, Thomas knew full well how cruel King were toward those who failed him.

Trembling in fear, Thomas shook his head vehemently. “Mr. Gale, don’t, please don’t. I’m sure the years I spent working for King must at least mean something. I beg of you. Please let the matter slide just this once.”

Yara, too, was terrified by the scene.

In contrast to the father and daughter, Gale had a bloodthirsty look in his eyes. As he strode up to Thomas, he grabbed the latter’s left hand and pinned it on the table. Subsequently, he pulled out an electric knife from his shoe.

With a flip of a switch, the blade of the electric knife began to spin.

“Mr. Gale, no, please don’t.” By then, Thomas’ face had lost all color while his pupils dilated from the fear.

Ignoring his pleas, Gale raised the electric knife and let it fall on Thomas’ left wrist. The moment the struggling hand was severed, warm blood spew out uncontrollably from the wound.


caused Yara to slump to

countless lives with her own hands, she had never seen such a gruesome sight before. When she saw fresh blood everywhere, her mind drew nothing but

from his pocket, grabbed Thomas by his

left hand.” Gale casually remarked, “Don’t accuse me of not pleading for mercy on your behalf, for you might

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at the side before turning his attention to Yara. “Now that your father has received his punishment,

her head, Yara pleaded with her trembling lips, “No, King, please give me one more chance. I beg of you, please

up to Yara, Gale

hand. “The organization gives women a discount by only disfiguring half of the face and leaving the

“No, No…”

do not deserve mercy,” Gale snapped as he gradually moved his electric knife closer

split second before he carved her face, King’s voice rang

“Gale, stop.”

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