Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 941

“You need to realize that you’ll never be with Zoey! You’re not worthy, so we won’t let you have her.”

“Not only that, but you also have to leave Quebec. Having you here will only affect Zoey, so we want both you and your mother to leave.”

Seeing how straightforward Meredith was, Robert quickly added, “Of course, we’ll make it worth your while. You’ll receive fifty million and you’ll be assigned jobs in real estate. That should be enough to last you a lifetime. Our only condition is that you leave Zoey alone.”

Aaron took a deep breath while Caitlyn sighed. “We’re friends, right? Hence, please do this for Zoey and us.”

“You should take the offer, Levi,” urged Emma with mixed feelings.


to find that Emma was not a gold-digger like they had expected her to be. They never expected her to agree

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