Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 942

Robert and Meredith then stormed off and were determined to drive Levi and his mother out of the city.

“No matter what, Levi will never be good enough for you, so don’t even think about marrying him!” shouted Zoey’s parents when they got back home to her.

Zoey already knew what they had done, and she wanted so badly to reveal Levi’s relationship to both the Joneses and the Garrisons.

However, that would probably only make things more complicated, seeing that the Blacks were terrified of the Garrisons.

Zoey could not help but feel sorry for Levi and his mother.

Not only did they have to deal with the Garrisons, rather, but they also had the Blacks breathing down their necks.

What should I do about this?

Zoey got anxious when Meredith and the others started to discuss how they would drive Levi and his mother out.

“Levi’s good at fighting, so we have to get someone better if we want them out.”

Levi. You wouldn’t have had any problem in marrying Zoey if it weren’t for me. Now,


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