A demanding voice sounded.

“Hm? Is that you, Lincon?”

Damien recognized that voice. It belonged to his cousin, Lincon Garrison.

He was the son of Damien’s uncle, who was Tyrone’s eldest brother.

As a member of the Dragon Warriors, he was not only the pride of Damien’s uncle but also the whole Garrison family.

Having a member who attained the prestige of being a trusted subordinate of the God of War was a great honor for any family, no matter how formidable that family may be.

“I understand, Lincon. I’ll leave right now!”

Although Damien may have a prominent status, it was not within his ability to start a conflict with the direct subordinate of the God of War.

Therefore, he promptly retreated with all his men.

He was curious, though.

How did the Lowe family have anything to do with the God of War’s Dragon Warriors?

Even Jason was bewildered by the turn of events.

What’s going on?

Why are the Dragon Warriors here?

Even Damien was intimidated by their presence, so much that he abruptly abandoned his plan altogether.

Could it be Levi?


this be his

the exact same thoughts as

wasn’t that long ago when he and Levi


also told that he wouldn’t be able to do

believe the

be that Levi is the God of

thought sent a chill down Damien’s


of War really were Levi, there would be consequences that he wouldn’t

the repercussions. More importantly, he wouldn’t be able to take the blow

It can’t be true!


had obtained that title, which signified the highest

era of Erudia’s existence

one God of War who was able to clinch such prominent status in

he also had the honor of being recognized as the God of War during the prosperous

Garrison family’s seniors remarked about the God of War. Erudia must have used up thousands of years’ worth

person is

of the noblest bloodline in Erudia and bore the prosperity of Erudia over thousands

Erudia’s ancient families couldn’t have obtained such high status, much

be worthy of

It is simply impossible!

filthy bloodline like Levi Garrison

why did the Dragon Warriors come

as he was waiting for

didn’t take long for Lincon to join


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