“Mr. Lowe, our leader told us that no one from the Garrison family would mess with you again, so you don’t have to live in fear of them anymore!”

The Dragon Warriors left upon conveying the message.

Shortly after that, the Lowe Family came to their senses.

“Could it be the Paragon Seal? After all, there weren’t many who had the honor of receiving the seal! No wonder the Dragon Warriors came down to protect us!”

Jason was beaming with glee.

No one would mess with us?

That means I can go to Levi’s wedding!

It’s not like Damien could make things difficult for me after what happened earlier.

At that thought, Jason immediately phoned Levi to confirm that he would be attending his wedding.

A smile formed on Levi’s face when he heard the news from Jason.

“That’s right! How could a mere Damien try and stop my friend from attending my wedding? Hoho, he’s so naive!”

Levi laughed.


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