Levi couldn’t stand xenophiles.

They were living in Erudia, the most secured and prosperous place in the world.

Yet, all they did was complain about it.

In their eyes, as long as something was from a foreign country, it was better than that of Erudia.

Even the air overseas smelled sweeter and the moon over there was brighter.

Those people who had lived abroad always felt a sense of superiority over Erudians, as if the latter were peasants.

Wasn’t this exactly the case for Zoey’s two friends?

It was then Zara and Yvette’s turn to get upset after hearing Levi’s chastise.

“It is much better to live overseas. That’s the harsh truth! Do you foolish people seriously think that Erudia is the best place in the world? Let me tell you, Erudia is worthless compared to other countries!”

I don’t want to be one anymore! I’ve been working on getting an immigration permit. The moment the permit is approved, I’ll immigrate immediately! Why would anyone want to be Erudian?


was their instinct to reject everything that was

they got off the plane, even the air seemed contaminated

for Zoey’s current status, there was no way she

her and said, “Zoey, why don’t you immigrate

much better compared to Erudia! Hurry up and immigrate! The moment you obtain overseas citizenship, you’ll get great opportunities everywhere

rebuked, “I was born and raised in Erudia. There is no way that I’ll immigrate anywhere else. I’ve only gone overseas for

disagreed with the views of her

requested them

that’s such a pity! It’ll be a waste for a genius like you to remain in Erudia!” both

and Yvette were only two out of countless

find xenophiles among the younger generation nowadays, and they


way my wife would want to immigrate! Not only is Erudia a prosperous country, but it also has a rich history dating back thousands of years.

at Zoey! She must have gotten used to the old-fashioned way of living here! That’s why she chose you to be her husband! This would never have happened if Zoey went overseas! She definitely would have chosen a husband a hundred times better than you!

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