Zara and Yvette stood firm on their request. “Zoey, let us choose the groomsmen! Your wedding this time has such a huge eminence. There are surely innumerable crowds who would pay close attention to it, so there is a need to ensure that the wedding is held with great splendor. Let’s hire a few foreign models to be the groomsmen!”

“That’s right! Only models from overseas will be worthy of standing next to bridesmaids like us!”

The two of them launched into a heated discussion.

If this went on, they might even end up finding a new husband for Zoey.

“Let you two choose my groomsmen? Impossible! I’ll much rather give up you two as the bridesmaids than allow you to choose my groomsmen! And there is no way I’ll accept foreigners!”

Levi was firm in his decision.

Zoey watched as her husband and her friends tore at each other’s throats.

She immediately stepped forward to coax Zara and Yvette.

“Fine. We can give up the choosing of the groomsmen. But Garrison, you’d better let us vet those groomsmen you’ve chosen. They can only attend the wedding with our approval,” Zara conceded.

“Yeah! Even if we don’t consider whether they’re qualified for the role, we must at least vet them! Who knows if he has chosen any Tom, Dick, and Harry to the wedding!” Yvette added.

Zoey sighed helplessly. “Levi, could you please get the groomsmen to meet up with us?”

“Alright, I’ll arrange that.”

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