Following that, she grabbed a dinner knife and stabbed it right into the center of the table.

“Why do the two of you have so much bullsh*t coming out of your mouths? And who the hell are you calling a tomboy?”

Phoenix questioned them coldly.

Even her enemies couldn’t make her shed a single tear on the battlefield.

What made these ladies think that they could bully her?

Phoenix fiddled with the dinner knife.

The threat was clear. She could send the knife flying straight through the necks of Zara and Yvette at any second.

Zara and Yvette were frightened stiff.

They exchanged a helpless look and laughed weakly. “I mean, we think you’re really great too! We’re so happy to have you join us!”

They were powerless against Phoenix, so they chose to keep their mouths shut.

The two of them only had the guts to bully those weaker than them, after all.

was to them, the more they took advantage of

like the kind Phoenix had just demonstrated, they would chicken out

friendships greatly. Since she was the one who asked them to be her bridesmaids, she had no choice

Zoey had a domineering side to her too. If it were not for

a new group of groomsmen!

couldn’t boss Phoenix around, Zara immediately turned to target the

sense is outdated. Their complexions are too dark, and some of them are bulky like bulls! Oh, this is terrible! They’ll seem so out of place next to bridesmaids

and the other three guys were all in plain clothing, not to mention the standard and boring military buzz cut they

look made them seem trigger-ready and

definitely wouldn’t make do

you’ve got to listen to us. Get a few international models. They don’t even have to do anything else besides standing there, but they’ll make your wedding look much more

be the best. Zoey, take a good look at these groomsmen!

Zara scoffed in disgust.

laughed awkwardly. “I think they’re great. All of them are Levi’s best friends. He treats them like his brothers! It’s just within expectations

and Yvette scowled. “No way! They can’t be the groomsmen!

aren’t even right! I seriously suspect that they’re up to something! They won’t be fit to stand next

remarks, Azure Dragon and his men

seriously need

moment we land a few slaps on

bad they are

that reason, they didn’t dare speak their mind, despite

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