Levi’s sudden burst of anger shocked everyone into silence.

“I’ve been tolerating the two of you for a very long time now! I’ve shown you respect, but what about you? You’ve been nothing but overbearing and annoying! You’ve vividly portrayed to me how incessant b*tches would behave! Scram if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid! We couldn’t care less! Do you seriously think that we won’t be able to hold our wedding without you?” Levi yelled.

Zara and Yvette were stunned.

Zoey hadn’t said a word about their attitude, but Levi had gotten enraged before her.

It took a solid minute for the two of them to regain their bearings.

“What? Are you telling us to leave?”

The two of them stared at Levi unbelievably.

“Yes. Get lost if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid! Zoey has been treating the two of you as her friends, but what about you? How have you been treating her?”

“You’ve been rudely ordering her around, asking her to make new arrangements for your accommodation and your meals. That’s fine. We’re still able to tolerate that. But asking to choose the groomsmen? Excuse me. Is it you or Zoey who is getting married?”

“Have you ever given Zoey a shred of respect? Do you seriously take her as your friend? We’ve invited you over to be our bridesmaids, not VIPs whom we’re supposed to please!”

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