Even Iris had the impulse to throw out those two women, let alone Azure Dragon and his men, who all had a bad temper.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Don’t you dare touch us!”

Zara and Yvette threatened.

“Erudian men are really boorish! You’re all acting like barbarians! How rude! You don’t even have basic courtesy!”

“All of you should really take lessons from foreigners. Every one of them is so gentlemanly, unlike you! Barbaric! Repulsive!”

The two of them screeched at Black Tortoise and the other men.

Having spent many years abroad, they felt edified by the culture over there and were now putting on airs.

Not only did they scorn everything that had to do with Erudia, but they also made it their mission to compare Erudia with foreign countries in every possible way.

This was especially so with the case of people.

Needless to say, they felt that foreigners were better than Erudians.

And having gone through that whole ordeal a while ago, they only felt a stronger prejudice against Erudians.

“Look at these people! If I didn’t know this was Erudia, I would have thought that I had been transported back to the Stone Age! All of you are so barbaric!”

Levi shot them a chilling glare. “Throw them out!”

Upon receiving that order, Black Tortoise took the opportunity to vent his frustration. He grabbed the two screeching ladies, one in each hand, and dragged them toward the entrance.

“Let go of me!”

their frenzied struggling


them out of the door as if he were disposing of

felt pain shot through their bodies while they stared


lowly Erudian peasants! Barbarians! I’ll expose all of your

They continued screaming.

be here! We want to leave this barbaric place right

echoed through the street as they left with the promise that

a look at

those two mad women were immediately deported out

had literally been chased out

you worry! We won’t even want to step into the borders

until they hopped off the plane onto foreign land

smell the sweet scent of foreign air

was nearly moaning

that barbaric place called Erudia! The air is so fresh over

Oh, I’m so happy right now! Erudians seriously make me

words could be heard while the two of them exchanged

left the airport, they decided not to flag down

to take a stroll

they needed to filter out the dirty Erudian air in their bodies with the

opinion, Erudia

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