The foreigners snickered as they sized Zara and Yvette up.

If they were lucky, they would get to rob and rape tonight.

The foreign gentlemen, as Zara had once called them, smacked their lips as they checked out their prey.

This would never have happened in Erudia. No matter how lowly they thought Erudia was, they definitely wouldn’t be robbed near the airport.

Neither would they need to worry about wandering in a major city at night.

This was the so-called greatness of foreign countries.

Foreigners were ‘noble,’ and the men were ‘gentlemanly.’

However, it clearly wasn’t the case at that moment.

“We’ll give you all our money…”

Zara fished out a wad of cash and stuffed it into the hands of the robbers.


The foreigners grabbed the money and threw Zara and Yvette onto their shoulders.

The two girls barely stood a chance against the group of burly men.

Soon, they were brought to a dark and secluded place.



of clothing being ripped echoed amidst the silence of the

go of us! You imbeciles!


You’re nothing

go back to Erudia! Foreigners are nothing

Yvette screeched desperately at the top

soon drowned out by the nasty

how those two women had nothing but praise for foreign countries and

in times of grave danger would people ever think about

times, Erudia was merely

overseas, they refused to admit their Erudian

and pose as the islands’ citizens, not even daring to speak a word of

them, it was humiliating to admit that they

Yvette’s absence barely had any impact on Levi

find another two bridesmaids

of them were much

and Yvette despised, they were the Five

practically undefeatable on the

were made known, not only would Erudia be in awe, but the whole world would

was preposterous that Zara and Yvette deemed them unworthy

their wedding date drew closer, Zoey and Levi sent out

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