It looks like my wish is about to be granted very soon.

There’s so much that I don’t know about Levi, but he promised to tell me about it on the day of our wedding.

I knew I was right to be patient!

When the Garrisons eventually found out that Levi was still alive and was getting married, the family was shaken to the core.

After all, Levi was the illegitimate son of Tyrone Garrison, the next patriarch of the Garrison family.

Tyrone’s appointment ceremony was coming up, but it was greatly affected by the news about Levi.

The Garrisons were anxious because of their failed attempts to assassinate Levi.

Hence, it was harder for them to make another attempt at that point in time.

“If you were made aware of the bastard before, why was I not informed?” roared Kenny, who blamed Edward and the others for not telling him about Levi.

failure was the cause of

hell! All of

Kenny continued to roar.

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than it seems. I mean, the bastard isn’t completely useless. He’s the boss of Morris Group.


Kenny seemed a

achieved! So what if he’s the boss of a group? What’s so special about South Hampton? Our servant

his minor success because of the noble blood that runs within him. Otherwise, he’d simply be

were upset over Levi and the fact that the man

of a luxurious villa somewhere in Oakland City,

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