“What’s all the fuss about? Calm yourself!” ordered Tyrone coldly.

The servant was about to speak when a woman rushed in from behind. “We’re in deep trouble! How are you still in the mood for your calligraphy?”

Dressed in luxurious clothing, the woman was perfectly poised and looked nothing short of royalty.

Although Olivia was old, her charm and graceful demeanor were incomparable.

Olivia was Tyrone’s wife and Damien’s mother.

As a member of the Garcia family, the second most powerful family in Erudia, she was the only one who was worthy of marrying Tyrone.

“What is it, Olivia?” asked Tyrone.

what happened twenty years

love with Emma when he was just a young man.

do, and I remember taking care of it. So what is this about?” inquired Tyrone

would be kept in Margo City for the rest of her life

know her. She’d never leave that city. I’d even erected a tombstone there as

has been destroyed, and Emma is nowhere to be found! It turns

even destroyed the tombstone? How is

Tyrone almost

Didn’t you promise that he was dead and would

the boy is still alive?” Tyrone

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