“Get the butler over here now!” shouted Tyrone furiously.

Before long, an old man with gray hair arrived at the scene.


The butler fell to his knees before Tyrone and Olivia, for he could already guess why he had been summoned.

As a butler, Dexter was in charge of the housekeeping for Tyrone’s residence, unlike Edward, whose duty was to protect Tyrone.

Dexter was there when Tyrone fell in love with Emma, and he helped his master with keeping secrets and other things.

Otherwise, the two love birds would have been discovered even earlier.

Dexter liked Emma, so he had persuaded Tyrone not to abandon the woman on multiple occasions.

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“Tyrone has only one son, and that is Damien! That bastard is not even worthy of the Garrison name! Nobody will see him as Tyrone’s

before continuing, “I couldn’t allow Ms. Jones’ child to die, so I took him to North Hampton and left him in the streets. I gave him a chance at life. If he was lucky, he would’ve gotten adopted. Otherwise, he would’ve frozen to death. Fortunately, fate was kind to

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