“I do! Human lives are more important than reputation, and we’re talking about my Master’s own flesh and blood. No matter how you put it, Master’s blood runs in that boy’s veins.”

Dexter remained headstrong.

“I’ll kill you!” roared Olivia before she grabbed a sword in the study and swung it toward Dexter.

The butler shut his eyes and was ready to die when Tyrone shouted, “No!”

Dexter smiled when Tyrone stopped Olivia because he knew his Master well.

Tyrone was by no means a good man.

He was cruel and ruthless, or else he would not have left his own flesh and blood to die in the wild.

Master did not stop Olivia merely to save my life.

has never once treated us like human beings. We’re merely slaves, and our lives do

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pay for breaking the rules. There’s no way that he’ll live,” stated Tyrone

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off his arms,” suggested Tyrone cruelly, so Olivia lifted the sword


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