Looking at how confident their son was, Tyrone and Olivia could not be more pleased.

Now that’s our son, our pride!

Born a genius with the strongest bloodline, our son has always been a prodigy, and his training only made him stronger.

“Go, my son! Head south. After all these years in Oakland City, it’s time for you to unleash your potential,” instructed Tyrone, whose life was too precious to be put at risk.

Worried for Tyrone’s safety, the Garrisons surrounded the man with thousands of guards no matter where he went.

Olivia nodded in agreement. “It’s time for you to see the world and let everyone witness what a true genius is capable of!”

The mother’s tone then took a turn. “Nonetheless, we should also make sure that Damien is safe.”

“I agree. We’ll send only the best to protect him and make sure that nothing bad happens,” concurred Tyrone.

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