The Supreme God

Chapter 3482 Revenge On Hyman

"You overestimate me. I'm very flattered."

Austin flashed a wry smile as he tried to suppress his embarrassment.

Out of the fourteen people he met here, ten of them were gods of light.

Among all of them, Keysley was the undisputed leader.

He was one of the Jade Emperor's twelve divine generals in the Heavenly Court.

This entire team was filled with people he carefully handpicked.

"Otis, since we met here, our teams can work with each other and become one group. You can be our leader,"

Keysley suggested.

"Honestly, Austin's our team leader. He makes all the decisions.

You can discuss this with him,"

Otis explained, pointing a finger directly at Austin.

"Oh? Austin's your real leader?"

Surprise flashed on Keysley's face as he turned to look at Austin.

"That's right. Don't underestimate him. He's much stronger than I am,"

Otis proudly proclaimed with a smile.

"Well, anyone who can win Marshal Otis' admiration must be very powerful. Well then, Austin, we'll follow you from now on."

Keysley directed his statement to Austin.

"You think too highly of me, sir. I'm not that good,"

Austin hurriedly answered and swept into a low bow.

"Keysley, are those people who were chasing after you just now really Alston's guys?"

Curiosity gleamed in Otis' gaze.

"That's right.

You still remember Hyman, don't you?

In ancient times, he was also a member of the gods of light in the three thousand big and small universes.

However, he was actually one of the gods of darkness and was sent to spy on the gods of light. Somehow, he managed to kill several gods of light in secret.

the Fallen Divine Valley and participate in this competition too. Moreover, he joined Alston's team and became one of his most

men into three teams, each with about seventy people.

leader of a group.

treasure in his hand and leads a team of seventy people.

moment, he's spreading the news that all the gods of light from

who could kill a god of light from the three thousand big and small universes, or even provide information about their whereabouts. Not only is he offering large amount of scores and magic treasures, he also dangled the opportunity to join his team

was offered this reward.

exaggeration to say that within this competition for medium-grade divine gods, all the gods of light from our three thousand big and small universe got targets painted on our backs. Everybody wants to kill us. As soon as they find us, we'll

explained with a grim

Is that true? That's

I know Hyman.

fought with him side by side on

have realized that he's a spy

expression at

are you saying that Alston divided his people into three teams and directed them

unruffled by Otis' outburst.

"That's right.

hundred people under Alston's command. Even if they're divided into three teams, each team would

treasure. With the treasure in their

away whenever they have the misfortune of meeting Alston's guys. Even the sound of their footsteps is enough to

sighed with a nod of his head.

team of seventy people! That's

them. It's not impossible. If we can take all three chaotic magic treasures away from them,

Otis, we can go and find Hyman. We

take the chaotic magic

a moment's consideration.

want to kill

dangerous for us to provoke him. If we do anything,

completely surprised at Austin's words.

think he'll let us go even if we don't pick a fight with

a competition of life and death. This is a brutal killing game. As the end comes closer, fights will be fiercer and

do, Alston will haunt us with his men even if we

definitely crash against each other in the end anyway, let's not worry

we take the initiative, we

Austin declared.

does make

at first, Keysley still ended up slowly nodding in agreement.

we killed thirty of Hyman's seventy men

about forty people are left in his team.

as we don't make a mistake,

bright smile was nothing

right! Austin's

best time to

this, Otis' eyes brightly

under his leadership? We destroyed his team. Hyman's team only

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