The Supreme God

Chapter 3481 Meeting The Gods Of Light

At that time, Austin, Otis, and their companions arrived at a vast mountain range and decided to take a short break to catch their breath.

No other team or individual bothered them the entire day.

"I wonder when this competition will end,"

Bernie tiredly sighed.

Confusion flashed on everyone's face as they stared into the distance.

Back then, everyone was so excited to break into the Fallen Divine Valley and look for the so-called great opportunities. Unexpectedly, they were trapped for a long time. Even now, they had to go through this terrible competition before they could even dream of leaving the valley alive.

"Forget it, Bernie. Don't think about pipe dreams.

For now, the most important thing for us is to work hard and win this competition,"

Otis softly coaxed.

"At this stage of the competition, people who're still alive are very cautious and wouldn't expose their whereabouts easily.

We have to get a move on to gather all the information we can get!"

Austin suggested.

"Austin's right. Let's move,"

Otis echoed and nodded in agreement.

At that moment, something unexpected caught them all by surprise.

"Stop! Go to hell!

We won't let you run away!"

Loud cries filled with arrogance echoed from afar.

"Something's wrong!"

Everyone in Austin's team quickly jumped into action and became alert the moment they heard the voice.

"Seems like two teams are fighting. One team is running away and the other is chasing them down.

Let's quietly wait on the side and wait for their fight to finish. We're going to take advantage of them at the end of their battle!"

Austin sent a message to his group through his spiritual sense.

All of them nodded in agreement.

As one, Austin and his companions quickly hid themselves. Once he was sure they were hidden well enough, he immediately communicated with the Earth Energy and set up several arrays that could hide his group.

Soon, two groups of people, one running while the other chasing, arrived at an area near their hiding spot.

About thirteen to fourteen people were desperately trying to escape. Almost all of them were bleeding profusely from various injuries.

were gleefully chasing after them like

huge difference in the strengths between the

Go to hell!

painted a

chasing you for an entire day and night if it were

let out loud laughter that reached them despite being at the very back of the rear

he was also a god of light. Never would I have expected that he would attack

purple robes let out various curses as he pushed his legs

"What? That's Keysley!

Court's twelve great divine

expect that he'd

to mention those



have to

spiritual sense. Even

"I see!

we're definitely


situation, Austin still managed to give a calm suggestion and signal

"Everyone, get ready!"

their magic treasures or weapons and activated their skills one after the other, preparing themselves to make a sudden attack.

with the Earth Energy to make wisps of Earth Energy rise. A mysterious atmosphere filled

Exploring Technique's cultivation base, Austin could now use all kinds of omnipotent skills proficiently.

waited with

miles! Five miles! A single

closer to where

to stop running away. You're just

all this trash, my points

the group's leader. His loud laughter echoed from behind his group and matched the

right before they could reach the other group and start the slaughter,


of a shadow flashed through

peacock spreading its tail, a bright sword light instantly bloomed in a

slashed at the fat and

ballooned with infinite power. It was like an entire mountain peak slammed into the back

these happened in the blink

would suddenly appear behind him and attack him

man. How dare you

desperate roar ripped out of the fat


and body then exploded at the same time the next second.

Otis and the others also rushed out from their hiding place and activated

of attacks, almost every one of the fat man's team suffered grievous injuries or

Boom! Boom! Boom!

they jumped into a fight, all of them would give their all even at the cost of their own lives. As


being hunted couldn't help but be confused by this sudden turn of

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