The Supreme God

Chapter 3480 The Insidious Alston

"We now have more than 200 people on our team!

Plus, we have found five chaotic magic treasures so far.

If they were to compare other teams in the competition area for medium-grade divine gods, our team's scale and grain are definitely first-rate!

There's no doubt that we're also the strongest.

However, there are pros and cons to making it this far.

Now, when other teams hear our name, they won't even dare to fight us head-on. They would all just flee and hide.

Because of that, I've come up with a plan.

We'll divide our team into three, and so each team would consist of around seventy members.

Each team would be equipped with a chaotic magic treasure.

I'm sure that a piece of chaotic magic treasure, coupled with a team comprising seventy people, is enough for you to subdue anyone in this medium-grade divine god competition area,"

Alston announced as he paced back and forth. He looked quite pleased and confident about the plan he came up with.

"Lude, Jade, Hyman. Stand up!"

Alston called them out coldly.

Three medium-grade divine gods with sharp auras immediately stood up.

All three of them had tens of thousands of points above their heads. Although they had accumulated points that had gotten astonishingly high, Jade had the most points in the whole team since she had reached fifty thousand points. Besides Alston, she had the most intimidating record.

What was more, Jade was extremely charming. She had eyes that were as gentle as water, a slim figure, and such a lovely face. Her beauty was undeniably top-notch.

"Listen up, you three. Each of you will form a team of seventy members and lead them in hunting down other competitors."

Alston gave them the order with absolute authority.

As he glanced at the three of them, he added, "I believe in your strength. You'll be alright on your own.

Do not fret. I will distribute a chaotic magic treasures to each of you to refine.

you encounter any danger, you can

since you have quite a big team and a chaotic magic treasure with you, I don't think you would face any big


wave of his hand, three chaotic magic treasures and dozens of contacting stones

at her. "Don't worry, Jade. The chaotic magic treasure I have given you is enough to deal with most of the medium-grade divine gods. And remember, I have also put on a family heirloom for you

was made of special material so it

equipment, there won't be many people in this

gazed at

"I understand, Alston."

charmingly, which made her seem even

be careful,

ever happened to you, I… I

reminded Alston with

this, Alston smiled with confidence.

I know that.

have to worry about me, Jade.

is on par with the Scroll of Yin and Yang, so with these two chaotic weapons in this area, I can just kill others as

head high and proclaimed.


sweetly. Her voice

affection, others looked at her with jealous eyes, and some even

favored her so much

she would always gain a lot even without

badly, none of it mattered since they weren't qualified to kill them in person and obtain the points and

obvious that a lot of Alston's team members didn't like Jade. Some looked down on her, while some even hated

of them dared to say anything. After all,

Alston waved his hand and said, "All right, then. That's settled. Jade, Lude, and

and turned to the other members. After selecting seventy people to form their team, they went their

their leave, only eight people were left to stay beside

strongest members of

you divide the team

yellow asked in surprise while he cooled himself with his folding fan.

Buddy, we better talk using our spiritual

were shining with

gradually smirking. "The competition

each of their leaders with a chaotic magic treasure. Because of this, their fighting prowess would become quite

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