The Supreme God

Chapter 3479 I Have Faith In You

"Let's find a safe place where we can rest,"

Otis ordered as he looked at Austin.

"On it." Austin nodded.

Not long after he led the group to a hidden cave.

Since he was proficient in the Earth Exploring Technique, Austin could easily scan the nearby terrain through the Earth Energy for a safe place to rest.

There, they all let out a sigh of relief as the fatigue finally set in.

They all obtained loads of points and treasures from the battle earlier on.

Someone took out some pills or precious natural resources and swallowed them to replenish the energy they had lost in the battle.

Some began to refine their newfound magic treasures using the points they just gained.

Austin was disappointed to see that all the treasures he collected that day were only at the divine level.

He wasn't interested in any divine level magic treasures anymore. After all, he already had two chaotic magic treasures, the Reincarnation Token and the Chaotic Striding Boots.

He just decided to save his points for chaotic magic treasures.

Austin then took out two magic pills and swallowed them.

One of the pills was the Energy Restoring Pill. It was used by divine gods to restore their energy.

The other was called the Heaven Will Pill. It contained fragments of several types of laws. Once a cultivator ingested it, he could now better understand the laws of nature.

In the next day, Austin had refined the two magic pills.

He opened his eyes and got up.

Not only was he back in his peak condition, but he also grew stronger.

The others in the cave also stood up.

"Austin, if my guess is right, your shoes are..."

Otis talked to Austin through his spiritual sense.

"Yes, this pair of shoes is a chaotic magic treasure,"

Austin confirmed.

"Huh... No wonder you have become so fast.

Chaotic magic treasures indeed are amazing!"

Otis exclaimed.

"With this, you could now easily slay any medium-grade divine gods.

This is a good news for our team!

From now on, even if we encounter a team larger than us, we can choose to fight them instead of just hiding."

filled with excitement.

go on the offensive

we have defeated

and get out

Austin replied.

proven yourself. You really should be the one

I've heard that many medium-grade divine gods in this area are from the three thousand big and small universes

them and invite them to join us,"

Otis said.


have two tasks. The first is to start hunting down our opponents, and the second is to find those who are from


Otis laughed happily.


Now, let's get started."

nothing could keep them from winning this

a wave of his hand, Austin and his companions left the cave and

a vast, empty plain.

the sky, and violent energy exploded,

beneath and filled the field with hot, molten lava.

struggled to defend themselves as blood stained

by more than two hundred people who were attacking them

forty medium-grade divine gods began losing the fight. They got killed off one by one, as their points and treasures fell into the hands of their attackers.

you despicable scumbag. We are a

supposed to be one of

you lured us into a trap

they find out what you have done?" a middle-aged man

now turned red with the color of

laughed maniacally. "Wake up, Regan Qin. We're in the Fallen Divine Valley, not the three thousand big and small universes. Do you think I am afraid

and Elliot will

and small

who support the gods

Tang said

black robes stepped forward.

gods of darkness. Before the battle broke out, Lord Elliot sent him to do some undercover work in order to collect tons of

and did I forget to mention that he


black-robed man said

you son

at Hyman as he trembled with

your sorry


Tang and the man in black

they answered in chorus.

divine gods then shouted in defiance, "Screw you,

far. Go to

took out

the pagoda and spread in

top-level magic treasure refined by the divine god— the Almighty Pagoda!" Hyman Tang exclaimed as he

"Ha-ha! Little tricks!"

voice resounded. He drew out a magic treasure

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