The Supreme God

Chapter 3478 Wipe Out Aubrey's Team

"That's the brat called Austin Lin, Aubrey!" the two attractive women exclaimed in unison.

They pointed their fingers towards one of the young men riding one of the earth dragons.

With his hands clasped behind his back, Austin playfully glanced at three of them. He had this charming but cocky look on his face.

"I see. You're that brat.

Where is Lisa?

What did you do to her?

The three magic treasures, what happened to them?

Do they really exist or not? Tell me!" Aubrey demanded.

His sharp gaze was fixed on Austin. He released an aura of a medium-grade divine god and directed it straight at him. He wanted him dead.

"Lisa? Ah, yes. We have torn that bitch into a million bits already.

Members of your other two squads also suffered the same fate," Austin casually mentioned, fanning Aubrey's flames further.

He darkened his gaze and locked eyes with him.

"Now, it's your turn," Austin threatened in a dangerous voice. They all felt a chill down their spine.

"This is a hoax!

You are nothing but a heartless killer, you brat!

Countless members of my group have perished in your hands!"

Aubrey was seething with anger as he realized that they had fallen into a trap.

"Get your ass over here. I'll rip you to pieces!"

he howled.

"Is that so? I'd like to see what you can do to me," Austin said with a vicious smile on his lips.

Then, he suddenly vanished and materialized in front of him in a fraction of a second.

His speed caught Aubrey by great surprise.

He didn't expect that a young man at the Divine Realm could move at such a terrifying speed.

Before he could recover from shock, Austin released streaks of sharp sword-light and controlled them to attack him.

The sword lights were like fireworks that were set off.


Austin readied his massive golden fist and swung at Aubrey.

The secret realms in Austin's body were connected to each other. It was endless chaotic energy meshed together. It poured forth and gathered on his golden fist.

His punch contained tremendous amount of energy.

front of Aubrey collapsed inch

it! Brat, you're digging your

but he could already feel his knees buckle in

tremendous power. He could organize a team of fifty people and become its leader, and it indicated that his combat power was

instant, he grew taller.

waved his forked spear with flames at Austin's fist.

was shroud in golden lights,



he appeared behind one of Aubrey's

to hell!" Austin violently shouted.

team member could react, his attacks had already landed.

was far weaker

just a single blow, Austin

"Come on!"

team members to attack as he dashed towards Aubrey and his

dragons came out of the ground and

Trapping Array, start

as he stomped on the ground.

to collapse, and wisps of Earth Energy


ten thousands of wooden stakes that rained down


swiftly moved once again and reappeared behind one of Aubrey's

"Go to hell!"

lightning speed and left a big pit in his back. Wasting no time, he swung at

Austin's assault, an ordinary medium-grade divine god couldn't even fight

sword with a strong aura flew out, and slashed at

the five women who

brat, get out of my

pale as Austin made a move to kill her.

scared her a lot.

was, she still managed to retaliate. She immediately drew

aura. It turned into pink

in front of me. I'm

a wink of an eye, he stood right behind

stretched out his hand, and a cloud of sword-light appeared in his

aura left by the Divine Swordsman. Austin had absorbed his sword aura in a land of death

light inside him. This was the very first instance he would be using

shards of aura,

out a painful

instantly tore her

his blood surge

aura, he was yet to

would get hurt if he used it. This was the major reason why he

the Chaotic Striding Boots along with the Peerless Lightness Skill to assault the rest

fought those medium-grade divine gods head-on, he might not have been able to strike

Austin was incredibly fast.

divine gods could react, he had

speed reached a certain extent, he could double the intensity of

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