The Supreme God

Chapter 3476 The Metal Trapping Array

Darnell and his men rushed into the bamboo forest like a gust of wind.

The bamboo forest covered a vast area.

Unlike any other bamboo forest anywhere, the bamboos here were so thick that it would take a full grown adult to encircle the trunk with his arms.

With that kind of width, the bamboos towered high up in the air, taller than trees. Whenever a strong wind blew and passed through the forest, they would let out a loud and eerie howling sound.

Deep in the forest, the team wandered around but got nothing.

A moment later, Darnell's men began to panic.

They had been going around in circles and it seemed like they were coming back to the same spot.

"This is not good. Darnell, I think we are lost."

"This bamboo forest is like a giant maze."

"I feel dizzy."

"Damn it! Yeah, something is definitely wrong. I can't tell which way is the right way, either," Darnell said as he became alert.

His eyes darted back and forth to check if there was any danger lurking behind the thick bamboo stalks.

Just then, there was rumbling sound followed by a strong tremor.

Around them, thick bamboos shot out and rose from the ground.

They had barely reached full growth when they turned into sharp golden arrows, coming at the squad from all directions and at a terrifying speed.

At the same time, a large amount of yellow Earth Energy gushed out from the ground like a dusty cloud of smoke.

It then formed massive yellow cage, shot up and flew towards Darnell and his men.

"Watch out!" Darnell screamed at his team.

As one of the cages was about to land on him, he swung the machete just in time, sending the yellow cage pummeling in the opposite direction.

The other team members also took action and took on a defensive stance forming a circle facing outward to protect each other.

"Austin, the geomancy array you set up seems very powerful!"

Otis remarked, shocked and in awe as he and Austin hid at a safe distance where they could watch the entire scene unfold.

"This bamboo forest is of metal elements in nature. I made the Metal Trapping Array so that I can use the metal attribute Earth Energy to take down the enemies.

In other words, I have turned the forest into a land of death.

It is less dangerous than the natural land of death.

But, it can distract this squad for a while and keep them occupied.

All right, Master Otis, it is time to take action and wipe out them,"

Austin explained.

"Okay! Let's get started!"

Otis nodded in agreement.


blink, Austin

"Wow! That's awesome!"


a trap! Come on. We have to get out of here.

Aubrey and ask for

wielded his machete to fight off the attacking bamboos and cages as he tried to lead

laugh resounded


you?" one of the team members shouted back

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he could turn around, sharp sword lights

sword lights constantly hit

react, a giant golden fist appeared out of nowhere and hit him at the bottom of his

He didn't even have

horror, the medium-grade divine god exploded

appeared to have been painted red with

Austin unleashed the Peerless Lightness Skill and then activated the Chaotic Striding

he again disappeared into thin

Austin appeared behind another

attacks on that member. The sword aura, dozens of earth dragons, and seven deities launched out of Austin's body and attacked his

violent energy released by Austin filled the space where the team member

the man was trapped in the Metal Trapping Array busy fighting off the golden arrows and yellow cages.

the time he caught sight of Austin, all attacks had

another medium-grade divine god had

it came maximizing his

the young cultivator had terminated two of their companions in the blink

heck are you, brat? How dare you lay a hand



It's you!

is Austin Lin. Lisa followed him to get the

looks like we have been

woman beside Darnell exclaimed in surprise as she recognized Austin, pointing at

women who had joined

just at the Divine Realm!


roared as he shot dagger-like stares at Austin.

are right. You have been played. I am

on the

once again gushed out from

formed yellow cages that darted

were ever trapped in the cages, it would take a while for them

"Brat, you're courting death!"

completely irritated by Austin's

time that he had crossed paths with a cultivator at the Divine Realm who dared to act like this in front of

Austin, Otis came down from the sky, with a broadsword in

Darnell even before landing on the ground.

the same time, powerful figures popped out

a frenzy, they assaulted Darnell's team members.

eighteen members. Austin had already taken out two.


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